Will Nespresso Recycle Peet’s Pods: Are Peets K Cups Recyclable


Peet’s is supposedly the number one single-cup coffee brand in America. It has a full selection of blends and brews and pods for use in the Keurig machine.  But are peets k cups recyclable?

Peet’s pods are third-party coffee pods manufactured by Peet’s Coffee & Tea. They can fit into all of the Nespresso machines. However, they do not have the same flavour profile as the original Nespresso capsules. 

There are currently three varieties of peets pods available- the original pods, the dark roast, and the fruity. They are usually available in medium roast and dark roast varieties, with the fruity ones being more of a novelty.

The peets pods are compatible for use in all Nespresso machines, except for Nespresso vertuo capsules. 

Peet’s pods do not use a coffee bean in the process. Instead, they use more of a berry or fruit extract. They also fold together into a small square and fit into the machine’s Nespresso capsules holder.

But, are peets k-cups recyclable? Does the company provide peets recycle bags? Let’s find out!

But will Nespresso Recycle Peet’s Pods?

Do Peet's coffee pods work with Nespresso?

Peets nespresso coffee pods are recyclable depending on the quantity of coffee that you use. All the pods are put into a Nespresso bag and sent to the Nespresso recycling centre. 

The Nespresso pods are made of a plastic material, which is very different from Peets' pods.

Peet’s pods are recyclable too, but Nespresso does not allow any third-party company capsules for recycling. Likewise, they do not allow any other company capsules to be sent to them, except Nespresso capsules themselves.

As Nespresso does not allow their capsules, you can opt for Peet's capsule recycling program, where you can request a recycling kit online or from your local Peet's coffee bar. 

Place the capsules in a peets recycle bag and send them off to a UPS location. They will handle the rest! You must only put 220 Peet’s capsules in these bags and not other company capsules such as the k-cups. 

Now you know how to recycle your Peet's capsules. Do you think Nespresso will soon follow suit and allow other company capsules to be recycled as well?

Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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