Mocha Vs Frappe: Differences Between Mocha And Frappe, Which Is Better?


Mocha vs frappe- “Frappe” is a French word meaning “to crush”. The term Mocha is an Arabic word meaning “coffee.”

Both drinks are good to enjoy during warmer months, and many people may not differentiate the two. I will compare the two glasses in this article and comment on their similarities and differences.

There are many reasons for comparing the two drinks. Mocha has become so popular in nations that it has become known as a coffee drinker, not unlike tea, whereas Frappe is not quite as popular; however, this is changing rather quickly. 

This article will answer all your questions about these two popular coffee drinks in a single place. It will also give you an overview of Difference Between Mocha and Frappe, and Which better mocha or frappe.

Mocha Vs Frappe: Let’s First Begin By Looking At What They Mean. 


The Mocha is available in all coffee shops and typically contains espresso, milk and cocoa powder or syrup.

It has less milk than a latte but more milk than a cappuccino. The making of a mocha, like other espresso drinks, begins with an espresso shot or cold brew coffee. 
What is describe in Mocha?

When the espresso is ready, it is topped with chocolate, and then there are milk and ice cubes added to it. 

Because the preparation of Mocha is similar to a latte, it is sometimes referred to as a chocolate-flavoured latte.

Given that the only difference between these two drinks is the addition of chocolate, it is reasonable to conclude that Mocha is a chocolate-flavoured latte.


Unlike other coffee drinks, a frappe is made with instant coffee, which may seem weird given that brewed coffee is usually the preferred option for coffee drinks.

Is frappe and coffee the same?

That being said, creating a frappe is a breeze. In a shaker, combine instant coffee and a tiny quantity of water and blend until foamy.

When the combination is finished, it is poured into a glass with ice cubes and cold water. 

You can add sugar and milk to a frappe if desired. What makes Frappe a great drink to make and consume during the warmer months is its very light flavour.

Drink Flavors:

Mocha Vs frappe- While Mocha and Frappe come in many different flavours, it is clear that there are more flavours of Mocha than there are flavours of Frappe.

Because there are many different kinds of chocolate and cocoa, there are not as many types of coffee. 

There are also fewer ingredients in a frappe than in a mocha. The ingredients in a mocha are pretty simple: it is made with espresso, chocolate and milk.

There are also few additives in a frappe. As an example, whipped cream may be used to top the drink.

Difference Between Mocha and Frappe

The only common thing between Mocha and Frappe is coffee. But what is difference between mocha and frappe? Mocha is a chocolate-flavoured latte, and a frappe is a coffee drink made with instant coffee. Second, Mocha is a word of Arabic origin, whereas “Frappe” is a French word that means “to crush.”

The most important differences between these two drinks are undoubtedly their ingredients. Mocha has a wider variety of ingredients than Frappe because the chocolate is added in different forms.

On the other hand, Frappe has relatively few ingredients and few additives. Mocha is an espresso beverage made up of espresso, milk, and chocolate.

What is the difference between a Frappe and a Mocha?

Chocolate can be added as cocoa powder plus sugar, chocolate syrup, or even actual chocolate.

On the other hand, a frappe is a form of iced coffee made using instant coffee, water, and ice. Milk and sugar are frequent additions to Frappe, but they are entirely optional.

Because there are numerous distinctions between a mocha and a frappe, we would argue that the key differences between the two beverages are:

  • The type of coffee used, how they are served.
  • The use of milk.
  • The use of its chocolate.

While a frappe has instant coffee and water, it is served cold and has no extra flavour; a mocha contains espresso and milk, can be served hot or cold, and has added chocolate flavour.

Which better mocha or frappe?

Mocha is an espresso mixed with brewed cocoa beans and milk, while a frappe is simply a thick, iced coffee drink. So, which better mocha or frappe? That’s not as easy a question as it might seem.

A frappe, like cold coffee, has an intense flavour and can be a great way to get your caffeine fix quickly. Mocha, on the other hand, is more complicated because it is brewed so you will get the rich flavour from the cocoa beans. 

Some people may prefer that because it lasts longer and you can enjoy the taste for longer periods of time.

Mocha Vs Frappe- Conclusion:

In conclusion, mocha vs frappe ? Considering that both mochas and frappes are known for their wide array of flavours, I can say that the Difference Between Mocha and Frappe is greatly outweigh their similarities. 

Even though they both use coffee, they differ significantly in the making, serving, and taste. A frappe is refreshing and light in flavour, while Mocha is a chocolate latte with added chocolate.

In terms of preparation, Mocha requires cocoa powder, whereas Frappe involves instant coffee and water.

So, which drink do you prefer? Which better mocha or frappe? The choice is yours!

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