Jura ENA 8 Metropolitan Black Automatic Coffee Machine Review

Jura ENA 8 Metropolitan Black Automatic Coffee Machine Review

Jura ENA 8 Review: An excellent choice for anyone who loves coffee!

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line automatic coffee maker to enhance your home life, the Jura ENA 8 is an excellent choice that can brew a whole pot of coffee within a minute. 

There's an automatic shutoff after brewing, so you never have to worry about getting an over-extracted pot of java. The sizeable 5-cup water reservoir holds enough water to make up to 10 cups of coffee. 

The machine comes with a 2-year warranty. You may set it to grind and brew coffee for you daily or weekly automatically.

The Jura ENA 8 also has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface with an LCD screen and controls located on the front of the unit. With its stainless steel finish and rounded corners, the ENA 8 blends in with any kitchen decor.

Let’s look at the features:

Is Jura coffee maker worth it?


This small, compact machine fits almost anywhere. You can keep it on your kitchen counter, dining table, or even right beside your bedside table. This machine is also simple to store, making packing up a breeze. 

Jura made sure to use high-quality stainless steel in the construction of its exterior. You can quickly move this machine around because it is not too heavy.

The Jura Ena 8 is easy to operate thanks to its simple controls. The bean hopper on top has a capacity of about 4.4 oz, while the water tank has a total of 37 oz. 

Easy to use

When it comes to user-friendliness, the Ena 8 is a clear winner. It only takes one button to make the ideal coffee that suits your taste and preferences.

Because the touchscreen is so simple to use, you may quickly become acquainted with the machine's many settings. 

However, the touchscreen’s functionality doesn’t stop there; it also shows you how much water is left in the reservoir and whether or not it’s time to descale your machine.

Taste of coffee

Jura’s S8 is well-known for its delicious flavour. This machine makes coffee that tastes like something you’d receive in a café, a drink with a complex flavour profile. 

If the quality of your coffee is essential to you, you must select the S8 over the Ena. The frother on the Ena 8 generates more air and a less creamy texture.

Integrated grinder

The Ena 8 employs fine conical burrs when it comes to grinding. The burr is essential because a cone-shaped burr guarantees that all beans are thoroughly crushed and processed. 

The machine's tiny bean hopper, on the other hand, can be aggravating at times since it forces you to load it up with different beans constantly.

Boiler system

There is just one boiler system. Unfortunately, this means it can only perform one task at a time, such as making coffee and foaming milk. 

Also, because there is only one boiler, the Jura Ena 8 can't handle many functions simultaneously. However, it isn't a big deal for some because a good, strong cup of coffee is worth the wait.

Energy-Saving Modes

For making coffee, the Ena 8 provides three options. First, when necessary, the machine’s regular model may produce coffee in 30 seconds and then go into standby mode. 

Second, the energy-saving mode, the second setting, shuts off the machine once you've finished your drink.

The last mode, often known as economy mode, lowers the energy used to prepare coffee. However, one disadvantage is that it may take some time to heat up. 

As a result of this flaw, the economy mode is the slowest way to brew coffee with this machine.


This Jura model has a fantastic, easy, and straightforward cleaning feature that cleans the machine properly and eliminates stains and spills. 

However, operating after a cleaning session might occasionally take too long. When it comes to cleaning JURA coffee makers, a CLARIS water filter is available. 

This water filter is fantastic since it maintains your gadget in top shape.

To keep any undesired debris or dust out of your machine, Jura has created a filter in your tank. You can add a filter after descaling if you haven't used one before.


  • It can produce espresso doppio, flat white, latte macchiato, macchiato, ristretto, cappuccino, and coffee, among other coffee beverages.
  • Its milk attachment produces a rich, creamy, pulpy, and silky milk foam that improves cappuccino flavour.
  • Because it has a self-rinsing and descaling function, cleaning this coffee maker is simple and painless.
  • Its unique patterns, which include a mix of arctic white, sunset red, and metropolitan black, entice clients.
  • The Jura ENA 8 comes with various attachments, such as a water reservoir, bean hopper, and bypass doser.


  • The paddle buttons are a little too tight, so pressing them takes some effort. 
  • It also relies significantly on the app because you can only access the prepared drinks via the Jura Smart Connect adaptor, which is available as an add-on.
  • It also lacks an Americano brewing program.
  • It is very pricey. It is available for $1,995. 


How long should a Jura coffee machine last?

What is the best way to clean Jura ENA 8 milk system?

The Jura ENA 8 includes an easy-to-clean milk system. If the remaining coffee beans and dried-on milk in your coffee machine sublimate, immerse the interior section in 250 mL cold water and one capsule Jura milk system cleaning. 

You must clean every component properly. You'll be able to acquire a fine and rich foam frother after cleaning the milk system.

What’s the best way to prepare a tall glass latte?

To prepare your layered latte, pour espresso over a spoon into a large glass of milk at the same temperature. Because the liquid cools, you’ll have to wait a bit to get your ideal layers.

What’s the best way to get rid of the stale odour of coffee?

If your gadget starts to smell like vinegar, get rid of the scent by washing it with soap and water. Add some baking soda into the cleaning solution and then rinse off. 

If you feel that vinegar still lingers, you can add some lemon juice and baking soda and keep it for some time. Then, rinse again before using the machine again.

What is the best way to get rid of the stuck milk of JURA milk frother?

If there’s a layer stuck in your froth brewer, immerse it in hot water. It will eliminate the old milk and let you get a fresh, clean start. 

We recommend that you clean your frothing cup daily. You can do this when you're cleaning your water tank or when you're cleaning your coffee maker.

Customer reviews

This machine has the advantage of creating any type of coffee drink in a matter of minutes. Its espresso is authentically flavorful. Its water bottle is attractive and quickly attracts consumers’ attention. 

Its drip tray mechanism is so effective that the machine never spills during emptying. In addition, this machine does not require descaling because it contains a water filter.

Its faults include a lack of condensation and thin milk foam and the fact that it waters down within a minute. 

Also, even though it is an automated coffee machine, it takes a long time to turn off. But, apart from that, it's a fantastic gadget that customers suggest. 


Jura Impressa C60

If you’re a beginner, the Jura impressa C60 is a superb choice. It produces seven different coffees at the touch of a button, and it includes a self-cleaning feature. This feature lets you save time and effort as well as clean your gadget without extra work.

Jura Impressa XS90

For those who expect a little more from their coffee maker, the Jura impressa S9 is a fantastic alternative. This automated coffee maker includes a display that shows various kinds of coffee.

 It warms the cup before the brewing process, making your drink hot when it's ready to be served. This gadget also allows for maximum comfort due to its height-adjustable swivel jet frother. Its high-quality construction also makes it durable and long-lasting.

Jura impressa F50

The Jura impressa F50 combines style, quality, and convenience into one machine. In addition, this impressive coffee maker boasts a 50 oz water tank that automatically fills at the best temperature. 

It also includes a display to accommodate all your drinks in one place. In addition, its built-in water filtration stops unnecessary mineral buildup for tastier coffee.


Although it’s a bit expensive, the Jura coffee brewing system is a fantastic machine that consumes little energy. Its water filter ensures that your coffee tastes great. It requires only one cup of water per coffee drink. 

Its quick multi-function allows you to make different coffee drinks at the touch of a button. Its milk frothing system produces a silky and rich foam. You can even enjoy your favourite coffee drink on the go with the Jura ENA 8.

Overall, it is an impressive machine that will give you the best coffee experience.

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