Latte Art With Aeroccino

How To Do Latte Art With Aeroccino

Want to learn how to make some seriously cool latte art?

Then this is the blog for you! You’ll find out how to use Aeroccino which is a super simple, no-mess way to make great foam shapes, designs, and sculptures. 

You can use it in combination with a simple hot coffee to create works of art you can proudly display to your friends!

You can make unique foam shapes and designs, like flowers, hearts, and other realistic images and draw picture-like decorations. 

With it, create fun, artistic forms that will take your latte art from boring to delightful!

First, let us see what I mean by latte art.

What’s latte art?

Latte art is a term for a particular style of beverage decoration, originally from Italy. As the name suggests, it’s the art of sculpting foam into shapes that have been photographed and then printed onto a coffee cup or other serving vessel. 

Can you do latte art with Nespresso Aeroccino?
While the artwork is usually a simple swirl design, some more sophisticated works can include a heart or a different design. 

And while most people see designs using skim milk, you can also use whole milk for some beautiful, foamy results.

While latte art is possible with any coffee drink (like espresso, brewed coffee, tea, etc.), most latte artists work with hot drinks like lattes and cappuccinos - simply because it's easier to make the foam art in these drinks. 

Equipment you will need

  • A jug
  • A cup
  • A latte art tool or a toothpick 
  • Nespresso Aerroccino 
  • Coffee beans
  • Milk
  • Chocolate syrup
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How to make latte art with Aeroccino

The Aeroccino looks a little like a big brewing jug, but it is an easy, no-mess machine that uses hot milk and water to create foam. 

How do you use a Nespresso milk frother for a latte?
You can also use it to make the perfect latte - add a couple of drops of your favourite flavouring syrup. 

With the Aeroccino Milk Frother, you can be your barista at the push of a button. You may use it to make light and creamy cold milk for your iced coffee concoctions, as well as light and velvety hot milk froth for your latte or cappuccino.

Its one-of-a-kind design will look great next to any coffee machine. It's the simplest and quickest method for making hot or cold milk froth. 

In only two minutes, it can make enough hot or cold milk froth for two Nespresso cappuccinos.

Step 1: Start brewing your espresso. This process usually takes between 25 and 30 seconds. Your espresso must be hot, as this will also help to keep your milk froth hot as you prepare your latte art.

Step 2: Pour the desired amount of coffee into the bottom of the cup and place it on a flat surface. The cup should be half full, so there is enough space for the foam. 

Step 3: Use the Aeroccino to make foam. The foam should be firm — not runny. If it’s too runny, the foam will look like a cloud and will easily drip and spoil your design. 

Step 4: Begin pouring a bit higher than usual. Lower the jug once the cup is half full to make the foam develop. Pour slowly and steadily while leaning the cup at an angle. 

If you pour too quickly, the crema will disintegrate, and if you pour too slowly, the foam will remain behind.

Step 6: Using a toothpick or a tool, create your design onto the surface.

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Tip: You can use chocolate syrup to draw portions of your design. The syrup will stick to the froth and not your very convenient cup.

Mistakes to avoid while creating latte art

So you’re ready to get your latte art underway. But, there are a few things to avoid that otherwise ruins your efforts — or at least make them look less than perfect.

What milk is best for latte art?

Not using espresso

Most latte artists use the same espresso/coffee/milk ratio as regular coffee – but since there is no need for a large amount of coffee, you should use an espresso shot rather than a normal shot of coffee.

Overfilling the cup

The cup should be filled only halfway, so there is room for the foam on top of your coffee.

Using coffee that is too strong

If you’re taking your beverage apart, then the coffee should be strong enough to dissolve the foam into it. The foam should also fully dissolve into the espresso. 

Otherwise, it might just sit on top of the espresso and leave a thin layer of foam on top. It is a widespread mistake that leads to weak designs.

Not using enough milk

How much milk you’ll need depends on two things: how strong your espresso is and how thick you want your final foam to be. 

If you're going for a light, frothy foam, then you'll need a little more milk. If you're going for a thicker foam, then you don't need as much milk. 

In general, however, you should add around 1.5 ounces of milk per single espresso shot.

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Not using enough steam when frothing 

The Aeroccino is easy to use with only one button to push when switching between hot and cold froth modes. Whatever mode you choose, ensure that it is on a medium heat setting and that you have a small amount of steam going into the Aeroccino.

Final thoughts

While latte art is effortless to master, there are many different styles of latte art. The most popular types include raindrop, heart, flower, and swirl designs. 

Aeroccino machines create authentic frothing foam for drinks at just the press of a button or two! It makes it extremely simple to create beautiful foam designs. 

The Aeroccino is the ideal tool for anyone who loves to brew up a caffeinated or non-caffeinated drink. The only thing you need to make delicious, frothy drinks is hot water and milk. 

The Aeroccino makes frothing milk so easy; you'll never want to buy premade foam again!

I hope you enjoy creating your latte art and Nespresso machines. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave a comment below. Happy drinking!

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