Know How Much Caffeine Is In A Bottle Of Bailey

Baileys – Irish Cream is a popular alcohol-based liqueur made in Ireland. Baileys usually come in chocolate and coffee varieties as well.

This article will focus on the traditional cocoa bean variety, and one of the most notable features of Baileys is its caffeine content.

The caffeine content in Baileys is almost negligible but the important thing to notice is that the “original’ flavour cream liqueur has about 10 mg of caffeine per liter, so if you have a one ounce shot, you would ingest about 0.3 mg of caffeine, that is, virtually none.

How much coffee is in Baileys?
The caffeine comes from the small amount of cocoa used to flavor the liqueur. It is thought that the amount of chocolate used in the liqueur contributes to its mild caffeine content.

One bottle of Baileys Irish Cream contains about 32 ounces, so a 12 ounce bottle would contain 4.8 mg of caffeine, an amount that is negligible and not bad for those who like their coffee beverages with a little kick.

However, those who are sensitive to caffeine will want to avoid drinking Baileys or have it at mealtimes if they are going to consume food after consuming it. 

Theobromine has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system and large quantities can make you edgy and restless.

Other popular coffee-based liqueurs such as Kahlua have more caffeine in a serving size than Baileys does. A common bottle contains around 100mg of caffeine.

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