Bunn Speed Brew Platinum Review – Specification, Features & Capacity

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For enthusiastic coffee drinkers, the first cup of coffee in the morning is just as significant as any other morning ritual. So, read this  Bunn Speed Brew Platinum Review to learn about the coffee machine!

Making it while half asleep or desiring a cup, on the other hand, can be a frustrating procedure. That is where coffee makers come in; purchasing one, such as the Bunn speed brew platinum, is considered an intelligent choice. 

Not only is it an efficient machine to make coffee, but it also has a sleek, sophisticated design that is bound to add a touch of class to your kitchen counter.

In this review, I will go over the Bunn Speed Brew Platinum Specifications, Bunn Speed Brew Platinum Features & Bunn Speed Brew Platinum Capacity. I will also be comparing it to a few other brewers, so you can get an idea about how it stands up.

Bunn Speed Brew Platinum Review: About the machine

If you’ve ever brewed coffee in the microwave, you know it’s not the best way to go. With the Bunn speed brew platinum, you get an ultra-fast and high-quality brew of a whole pot of coffee. 

The commercial-grade stainless steel thermal carafe with double-wall vacuum insulation means that your coffee will stay piping hot for up to two hours. So if you need to make a quick cup of coffee on the go, no problem. 

The Bunn speed brew platinum can brew one large travel mug (20 ounces) in less than half the time of other top-selling home coffee makers.

It also makes a full pot (50 ounces) of coffee, which is the perfect size for one person to enjoy a single cup or several people to share. 

The unique spray head optimizes the coffee extraction and flavour, so you get the best tasting brew possible. Plus, the unique design allows for the use of all BUNN carafe sizes. Now, lets read the Bunn Speed Brew Platinum Review more deeply!

Bunn Speed Brew Platinum Specifications

  • Brand: BUNN
  • Model: CSB3T Platinum Thermal
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Carafe Material: Thermal Carafe
  • Capacity: 20 ounces to 50 ounce
  • Colour: Platinum
  • Weight: 9.63 pounds
  • Dimension: 13.9×8.3×14.9 inches
  • Warranty: 3 years

Bunn Speed Brew Platinum Features

Now that we have looked at the Bunn Speed Brew Platinum Specification, lets take a look at its features! 

Quick Performance: 

Do you leave Bunn speed Brew on all the time?

The Bunn CSB3T makes coffee in half the time of other coffee makers on the market. As a result, you can get your coffee and head to your destination earlier. 

As a result, there is no need to waste time waiting in large queues outside cafés because Bunn CSB3T is available to satisfy your demands. 

Keeps Your Coffee Warm:

To get the most delicious cup of coffee, you need to brew it at the optimal temperature. The Bunn speed brew platinum allows you to brew coffee for up to two hours. 

If you want to enjoy a single cup or several cups of coffee, this BUNN machine can make 50 oz of coffee in one cycle. 

With its warming plate, this BUNN’s thermal carafe stays hot long enough for you to serve your favourite beverage once you finish brewing it.

Thermal Carafe:

The newly designed Thermal stainless steel carafe is a new feature of the Bunn CSB3T. It is constructed of a double-walled, vacuum-insulated polymer. 

This insulation prevents heat from escaping through the carafe's walls, retaining heat inside and warming the coffee.

Thermal Water Tank: 

Another new feature of this model that distinguishes it from other Bunn models is the stainless steel thermal water tank.

It maintains a continual supply of hot water and keeps the water warm due to its thermal insulating properties. 

As a result, the water remains friendly and ready for coffee preparation. This brewer’s thermal quality offers not only hot coffee but also a longer lifespan than other models.

Coffee Flavor: 

Assume you have the best coffee brand, but you still don’t get the exact mouth-exploding flavour every time you brew your coffee due to your coffee brewer. This Bunn model has arrived to solve all of your issues. 

It has a unique spray head that provides the perfect interaction between the coffee and the water, ensuring that you receive the exact best taste that you like.


It comes in a platinum colour with an elaborate black design for an attractive finish. Platinum and black, on the other hand, are always the appropriate fit colours for every kitchen.

So, if you want a practical and visually appealing coffee maker, this is the one.

Bunn Speed Brew Platinum Capacity of coffee: 

From a big travel-sized mug to a full coffee pot, this Bunn model can brew. So it provides you roughly 20 to 50 ounces of coffee, which is precisely ten cups of coffee, which is quite a significant amount of coffee.

As a result of its capacity, it is appropriate for a large home accommodating many people, as you will not have to wait for your turn when you can obtain your cup in just one go.

Compatible: Because of its modern design and high performance, it is suitable for many types of kitchens. It is not only ideal for use as a home appliance, but it is also ideal for commercial applications. 

Because many cafés utilize Bunn for their coffee, this innovation may also benefit their business due to its capacity. They can easily manage ten people at once.


Whether you are a seasoned coffee machine user or your first time owning one, this one is simple to operate.

There is no need for prior training or technical knowledge; connect all of the components and connect the switch to the board, and you are ready to go.


Another unique feature of this coffee maker is its warranty. It comes with a three-year warranty, which exceeds the standard one-year warranty for most coffee makers in the market. In addition, the Bunn CSB3T has a one-year full replacement guarantee. 

Hence, if it does not work for you within this time frame, you can contact the manufacturer, and they will provide a new one in its place. 


If you are thinking about the price, this Bunn unit is quite reasonable. It costs $150, which is around $50 more than most coffee makers on the market, but you get a lot of features for that price. 

It also comes in four different colours, so if black is not your colour, you have many choices to select from.

How To Use The Machine

How do you clean a Bunn platinum coffee maker?

We have seen the Bunn Speed Brew Platinum Specifications and the Bunn Speed Brew Platinum Capacity of machine.

The device is effortless to operate, and the following shows the steps needed to achieve full functionality:


  • Insert the emptied brew funnel into the funnel rails.
  • Fill the carafe halfway with water, then place it on the base. Then, after 4 minutes, close the lid. You should not repeat this procedure.
  • Wait until the water has stopped running into the carafe before pouring it out and repositioning the carafe on the base.
  • Only now should you plug in your coffee maker; doing so earlier risks ruining your product.
  • Turn on your coffee maker and let it heat up for 15 minutes. For everyday use, keep the tank switch turned on.


Now that you’ve got your coffee maker set up, and you know about Bunn Speed Brew Platinum Features, you can start brewing great coffee every time:

  • Fill the brew funnel of your Bunn Speed Brew Platinum machine with a Bunn coffee filter.
  • Scoop your preferred ground coffee into the funnel and gently shake it to balance the grounds. Then, return the funnel to the funnel rails.
  • Fill the carafe halfway with water. For example, 20oz makes 4 cups of coffee, and 50oz makes a great 10 cups! Next, pour water into the coffee machine after opening the pour-in lid.
  • Reattach the carafe to the base.
  • Close the lid after turning on the warmer switch.
  • Wait 4 minutes, then enjoy a delicious cup of coffee from your Bunn machine!


  • Provides a long-lasting, high-quality cup of coffee.
  • Thermal carafe stays hot long enough to serve a fresh cup of coffee.
  • Keep the water warm enough so that the coffee will stay warm for up to two hours.
  • Has a thermal liner that keeps the water hot.
  • Has a 3-year warranty.
  • Available in black, silver, white, copper, and platinum colours.


  • It only has one brewing function. 
  • It is enormous and heavy.

Customer Reviews on Bunn Speed Brew Platinum Review

Everyone who has reviewed this coffee maker has given it 4/5 stars. As a result, many users believe that this is the best coffee maker they have used. 

While some users complain about its weight, others report that it is effortless to operate and comes with a complete set of features.

Some negative reviews, but none report that their coffee maker broke or stopped working after just a few months.


There are many alternative models of Bunn coffee makers, but the most similar is the Bunn Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer.

It is prevalent and provides more excellent performance than most models of coffee makers on the market.

Cuisinart DCC-3200 14-cup Glass Carafe Coffeemaker is another excellent option for you. It is an excellent alternative because, while the price is higher than this model, it offers more options for brewing coffee. 

Conclusion on Bunn Speed Brew Platinum Review

If you are looking for a highly convenient coffee maker, you cannot go wrong with the Bunn Speed Brew Platinum. With its many features, this model truly stands out from the crowd. 

If you are looking to brew ten cups of coffee at once, then this Bunn model may be exactly what you need. It is exceptionally convenient, but it is also impressively large and the best model on the market. 

I hope you got the Bunn Speed Brew Platinum Capacity, Bunn Speed Brew Platinum Specifications & Bunn Speed Brew Platinum Features!


What Makes This Model Worthwhile To Purchase?

The new Bunn CSB3T is better and more capable at its task. And the new thermal carafe and water tank make it even more appealing to purchase.

Do I Have To Reheat My Coffee Every Time?

It depends on when you last brewed the coffee because it can only keep the coffee warm for a maximum of 2 hours, so if you take it an hour after brewing it, it will still be warm.

Is The Carafe Large Enough To Hold My Cup?

Yes, it is large enough to hold your cup. It has approximately 12 oz of coffee.

Is This A Good Choice For A Business?

Yes, it is a heavy-duty coffee maker designed in busy coffee shops, restaurants, or offices.

Can I Use This To Brew Tea?

No, you cannot brew tea in this coffee maker. The carafe is not designed to be used for this purpose.

Can I Use This Machine With Pods? 

You cannot use coffee pods with this model because it does not support the pod filter basket.

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