Verismo vs Keurig

Verismo vs Keurig

When the Keurig first came out on the market, it made life easier for people who wanted to make coffee without grinding beans or cleaning up afterward.

Now comes the Verismo, which has an even more enticing set of benefits. 

It allows you to make a cup of coffee and latte and serves as a nice little machine that can be tucked away on a shelf when it is not in use.

In this article, we will look at the Verismo by Starbucks and see how it compares to the Keurig.

Let's take a look at some of the differences between these two machines:

What is a Keurig

At first, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters titled the company “K-Cup” but changed it in 2007 to better reflect the real product.

The machines prepare a cup of coffee by utilizing a pod or capsule, which is a plastic or foil packet containing finely ground coffee

The machine injects hot water  into a pod containing the grounds, then filters it before releasing it into a cup.

Keurig coffee makers are popular among people who wish to prepare a single cup of coffee without using a lot of resources. 

It is also useful for persons who do not require large volumes of coffee or prefer specific tastes or intensities of coffee. 

One of the reasons for its appeal is that it has cheaper operational expenses than machines that use individual cups rather than pods. 

K-Cups for Keurig coffee makers are available in a wide range of hot chocolate, tea, soda, and other beverages.

Appearance of Keurig

The most distinguishing feature of the Keurigs is that they have a chrome top and a round body, which both allow it to connect with the brewer underneath (although some models include a connecting feature with no internal brewer). 

There are several models of Keurig machines with slight differences in appearance, functionality, and technical specifications. 

Build quality

Keurig machines are made of plastic, originally with a chrome top. The design has evolved, and the build quality has also improved. As of 2013, they have a soft touch finish in a choice of colors. 


The main feature of Keurig coffee makers is that they turn on when you insert a K-Cup and turn off automatically when the brewing is done.

You can also turn it off manually before brewing if you want to take the coffee away in a travel mug.

The company has its own line of K-Cups, which are proprietary to Keurig machines. This limits the options available to users, but there are many types of flavors available.

They use only soluble coffee, so it is not possible to use non-Keurig pods with this system. However, there are a few companies that make compatible pods.

Filtration system

The Keurig does not have a built-in water filter, so it is important to clean the machine regularly and check the quality of the water used in your coffee.

The water temperature is also very high when brewing, so users should also be aware of potential scalding injuries. 

Maintenance and cleaning 

Keurig machines need proper maintenance and cleaning to preserve their functionality for a longer period. The cartridges should be cleaned every so often, so the coffee does not over-extract. 

You can avoid completely replacing the machine by ensuring you keep it clean by washing the filter every so often to prevent coffee dust from accumulating in it. 

Taste of coffee

Keurig machines provide a weaker, waterier coffee than a regular machine. They also lack the variety of options available with older coffee makers. 

When compared with the Nespresso system, which uses a similar method of producing a single cup of coffee, the Keurig has a broader range of flavors and is cheaper to use. 


Keurig coffee makers are considerably cheaper than other coffee systems, but the cost of using them quickly adds up because of the high cost of each K-Cup. However, there are ways to save money by purchasing compatible pods. 

A Keurig machine costs up to $200, while a Verismo machine is much more expensive, starting at $200. 


  • Coffee tastes better because of its lower water content.
  • Less waste due to K-cups eliminating the need for paper filters. The machine can produce a full pot in less time than a traditional model.
  • Basic machine, making it a good choice for professionals who don’t want to spend too much time cleaning and maintaining machines. 
  • There are more than 200 flavors of K-cups available, compared to the fairly narrow range found only in Verismo systems.
  • K-cups are reusable


  • The cups are small
  • Pods are discarded without recycling them
  • Water must be extremely hot to work properly
  • Needs to be cleaned regularly

What is the Verismo 

Starbucks’ Verismo system is a commercial and residential coffee maker and espresso machine. Instead of traditional coffee grounds or ESE pods, it employs sealed plastic capsules holding ground coffee or an “espresso shot.” 

The brewer's job is to create hot water, steam, and the appropriate amount of  cup crema so that these three elements mix properly and the brewed liquid flows into the cup or other suitable container. The method is identical to that employed in many cafe espresso machines.

So far, only coffee (sold under Starbucks’ own brand name) and latte macchiato capsules are available for this maker.


When you get a Verismo by Starbucks, you get a fully functioning espresso machine. It is designed to brew single servings of espresso, cappuccino, and lattes. 

It comes with a tamper, scoop for the grounds, and a handy storage drawer for the accessories. The machine also has an internal water tank that is removable.

The Verismo comes with clear lines and curves that allow it to look nice on any kitchen countertop without cluttering up the space. A control panel provides the user with multiple options for drinks.


Starbucks Verismo System is a fully programmable coffee machine, enabling consumers to customize their drinks as per their preferences. 

The coffee machine has a touch-screen display with seven beverage settings, seven cup sizes, and two additional milk quantities. One can also customize their drink as per their liking. 

The touch screen provides the user with many choices for drinks such as cappuccino, latte macchiato, soft-serve ice cream, and others. The screen has several icons, which help the user to choose from a wide range of drinks. 

The touch-screen also has a bar code reader, so scanning the barcode can make all the drinks. 

Maintenance and cleaning

The Verismo requires regular maintenance to ensure that it continues to function well. The machine comes with a well-written manual, providing easy-to-follow instructions for regular cleaning and maintenance. 

The machine should be cleaned using water, soap, and a sponge to remove the leftover coffee grounds after brewing. 


The Verismo is made of high-quality materials, so consumers can expect it to last long. Plus, the machine has a replacement program in case of any defect. 

Taste of coffee: 

The Verismo produces a cup of rich and flavorful coffee, with the aroma and taste that you would expect from quality espresso. It makes a single cup at a time, which can be used in one shot or in two shots. 

Is coffee bitter or sour?
The taste is not altered when using milk, contrary to many other machines.


With the Verismo, you don’t need to buy coffee pods because you can use your own ground coffee. This lowers the cost of making a cup of espresso significantly. Plus, there is no need to throw away your spent pods, as you can save them and reuse them. 

The Verismo sells for $199.95- $299.95 depending upon features and options chosen by the customer.


  • You can use any type of milk
  • You won’t need electricity 
  • It comes with its own unique packets of coffee
  • The Verismo comes equipped with its unique “Brewing Pause ‘n Serve” technology.
  • Comes in black, red, and white
  • You can even improve your drinks


  • Brewing of coffee takes more time
  • The pods are not environmentally friendly
  • Only brews one cup at a time
  • You cannot reuse the pods


Here are some comparisons between the two to help you ease your decision.


Both machines give satisfactory results for individuals who do not have the time or want to grind and brew their own coffee every day or who require anything other than regular drip. 

While users may be shocked at how different the results might taste with either approach, some individuals like the bolder flavor of the Verismo while others prefer the softer flavor of the Keurig.


Both machines are roughly $200, but the Verismo requires more expensive coffee pods than the Keurig. A package of 24 Starbucks Verismo pods currently costs around $7-$8 on Amazon, but 24 three-packs of K-Cups cost around $10-$12 for name brands like Starbucks. 

There is a significant cost difference, but it is mainly dependent on how much you drink.


The Verismo is around 26 inches tall, making it difficult to fit under some kitchen cabinets. It also lacks a retractable drip tray, limiting its use to shorter cups.

The machine is also rather hefty, weighing approximately 26 pounds empty and 36 pounds when filled with water! 

On the other hand, Keurig requires only around 10 inches of space for under-the-cabinet storage and can handle significantly more water than Verismo.

Water Tank

Both brewers require water to brew coffee. However, filling the Verismo tank can be challenging. It is positioned behind the machine and must be accessed by pulling out the unit, removing the drip tray, and lifting up a flap. 

The Keurig's removable water tank makes it considerably easier to use.

Size of pods

One significant disadvantage of Starbucks’ single-serve brewers is that, while their K-Cups take up relatively little room compared to standard coffee bags, the more costly Verismo pods take up significantly more space than Keurig’s. 

Are PODS different sizes?
A package of 24 Starbucks Verismo espresso pods only contains 9-10 ounces, whereas a three-pack of K-Cups contains approximately 11 ounces.

Final verdict

The Verismo vs. Keurig comparison demonstrates that both coffee makers are outstanding choices due to their long-lasting quality and construction. Nonetheless, each device has its own unique characteristics.

One significant distinction is that Verismo coffee makers are designed for customers who wish to enjoy the original Starbucks flavor. If you buy a frother, you can even make your favorite milk-based coffee beverages.

On the other hand, Keurig coffee makers are great for those who desire the most adaptability and usefulness. Furthermore, because it works with various brands, they allow you to try a variety of coffee selections.

The Keurig machines, however, do not allow you to make milk-based coffee. Furthermore, Keurig coffee makers provide a variety of useful features, such as power-saving Auto Shut-off and the Self-cleaning Descale feature.

So, which is better? Verismo or Keurig? This question cannot be answered easily because both coffee makers will provide you with excellent quality for your money. You just have to decide what you want most in your coffee maker. 

If you are looking for the versatility of the Keurig, then this is the machine for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for original Starbucks flavor in your coffee, Verismo is the right choice!

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