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Putting On Weight! Is Is Because Of Your Favorite Iced Coffee?

Many of us would love to drink a glass of iced coffee when the warm spring or summer weather rolls around. But, if you’re wondering if iced coffee makes you gain weight?

The answer is probably not. 

Iced coffee contains fewer calories and less caffeine than a variety of other popular drinks, making it a great go-to option when trying to lose weight.

Drinking iced coffee is also more likely to lead to weight gain if made with milk and sugar. 

In the past, people would just use whole milk to make their iced coffee, but now many also like to add flavoured syrups and other calorie-rich additives that ultimately do not add much flavour.

If you choose your ingredients wisely, though, you can have a refreshing cold drink without gaining any unwanted weight. One of the best ways is by using a sugar substitute.
Is iced coffee good for weight loss?

Using sugar substitutes like Splenda or Sweet n’ Low will allow you to enjoy the flavour of iced coffee without worrying about gaining weight. 

Using a sugar substitute will also eliminate excess calories while keeping the full flavour of your beverage. Many people who have switched to using these substitutes have also noticed a boost in energy!

You can also choose iced coffee drinks that do not contain milk. Many people sip on these iced coffees and often do not even realize that they are drinking milk. 

In addition, the milk used in these drinks is generally blended in with the other ingredients, so it will not be mentioned on the menu as a common ingredient.

If you choose to drink iced coffee made with milk, opting for almond or soy milk instead of regular will help you avoid weight gain. 

It is because almond and soy both have a much lower amount of saturated fat and calories than dairy products. In addition, if you opt for a soy latte, you can also benefit from calcium without worrying about gaining weight.

You can also choose your brand wisely and cut back on the number of calories added to your iced coffee, as not all iced coffees are created equal! It is why it is important to read nutrition labels carefully. 

Many people will be surprised at how much they consume while drinking their favourite drink, so it is essential to be careful.

If you feel like you want to add an extra kick to your drink, try adding some spices instead of simple sugar. 

For example, using cinnamon or vanilla extract gives you flavour without the calories that come with sugar and other syrups. Soy milk can also be a great way to liven up an iced coffee drink.

By taking an active role in making your iced coffee, you can also control what ingredients are added. 

Opting for a sugar-free version of your favourite drink is as easy as picking out a sugar substitute or blending in some soy or almond milk with your coffee, so take this opportunity to make the healthier choice.

Although drinking iced coffee will most likely not lead to weight gain, you should approach this beverage with caution if you tend to gain weight quickly. 

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