Zazzy’z Coffee House & Roastery

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Efhobbs Coffee created this blog to act as a go-to destination for everything related to coffee and was a place for coffee lovers to come together and share their love of coffee.

Over the past decade, has been a meeting place for coffee lovers from around the world.

A Brief History of Zazzyz

Zazzyz Coffee House and Roastery was located in Abingdon, Virginia, and was founded in 2006 by Rancy White. After operating a roasting business for several years Rancy opened the doors to Zazzyz Coffee House and Roastery in September of 2006.

Rancy had a strong desire to open her own coffee shop where she could share her love of coffee with everyone. Since then Zazzyz has become the go-to place for coffee lovers in Central Virginia. Rancy continues to roast coffee locally and also offers light fare for guests.

What made Zazzyz different was to their commitment to quality and value. They provide highest quality roast to their customers at affordable prices. This made them one of the few places to go for coffee lovers in Central Virginia.

Unfortunately, Zazzyz closed the doors in the fall of 2020 after 15 years as a staple in Abingdon, VA due to the Global Pandemic which affected their sales adversely.

The Spirit Live On

We hope we are able to preserve the spirit of Zazzyz at Efhobbs Coffee. We welcome all Zazzyz fans to our blog and hope they will stay around to be part of this exciting future.

We hope that this may continue the tradition that Zazzyz set forth for over a decade. The best way to memorialize that is to continue it and hopefully build something even better.

We started EF Hobbs with an aim to reduce the noise in the coffee industry. We aim to offer our users unbiased opinions, free of marketing jargon.

We review a variety of equipment and looks at a lot of different equipment from a variety of brands. We also cover a lot of different areas of specialty coffee. We look at topics like brewing methods, types of coffee, coffee brands and more.

Efhobbs provides unbiased reviews on equipment, roasting, roasting techniques, coffee beans and much more. The blog also covered various ways of making coffee such as machine brewing methods, nitro brewing methods and Aero Press brewing methods etc.

We plan to create more kickass content for coffee lovers. All content is original and written by leading experts in the industry who want to share their knowledge with coffee lovers everywhere.

We also plan to develop a community for coffee lovers to come together and share their love of coffee.

After 15 years, zazzyz is no more. However, the space is still available for your needs. Efhobbs will continue to provide unbiased reviews of coffee equipment, coffee beans and other aspects of specialty coffee.

We welcome anyone who loves coffee to come and join the community at Efhobbs Coffee Blog. Please follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We’d love your feedback and would love it even more if you were willing to help us by writing guest posts or joining our team as a contributor.


– EF Hobbs Coffee Team