How To Make Drip Coffee Without a Machine?

Drip Coffee Without a Machine

Making coffee at home can be a hassle, especially when you’re trying to make a great cup of coffee.

It’s essential to have a suitable method for making coffee, but it can be a challenge if you don’t have the right tools.

Most people love drip coffee. It's a great way to enjoy a nice cup of coffee but making it can be a pain. You have to buy a particular coffee maker, spend time on it, and then you have to wait for the coffee to finish brewing. 

If you want to enjoy drip coffee but don’t want to use a machine, you might want to try this recipe. First, we’ll talk about some of the best methods for making coffee at home, including some great techniques for beginners.

A few general coffee best practices:

Here are some general tips for making coffee: 

Know your beans’ birth date:

How do I brew coffee without a coffee maker?

The most essential coffee-making best practices are making sure that you buy the right beans and grinding your coffee correctly. First, you should know the birth dates of your beans. 

If you don't know exactly how old they are, look at the bag for an indication. The older the bean, the better the flavour.

Use the freshest coffee possible:

When buying coffee, you should always buy the freshest beans you can find. When the coffee is roasted, its flavour degrades very quickly.

Keep an eye out for stale beans, as they often have an unpleasant smell that will seep into your coffee.

Be careful with temperature:

Don’t get impatient, and try to make your coffee as soon as you see the first drops coming out of the machine.

The ideal temperature for coffee is between 195˚F and 205˚F, but some people like it hotter or more relaxed.

4 Ways to Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

One can make coffee without a coffee maker at home. There are many ways to do it. Here are a few of the most popular methods:

Brew up a Stovetop Cup:

A stovetop is an old-fashioned way to brew coffee. All you need are a set of tools and two or three ingredients. 

You'll need an insulated coffee mug, coffee beans and ground coffee, a ceramic (or glass) bowl or glass pitcher, a plastic spoon, water, and boiling water.


  • If you have a stove that has a griddle on top, that’s great! But if your stove has got a “lid” or cover, use it. When making coffee with a stovetop, you need to avoid creating too much heat from the flame underneath. A lid keeps the fire confined to the top and keeps them below the level of boiling water. 
  • Add about four spoonfuls of ground coffee for each cup of water. Use more if you like more flavour or less if you like less.
  • Put about ten spoonsful of warm water in the mug, stir it around and remove it from heat.
  • Add the coffee beans to the pot (amount depends on what you like).
  • Give it a little more warm water, place it over medium heat, stir for about thirty seconds, then cover with lid. Let the water boil for about five minutes.
  • If your stove does not have an attachment for covering the pot, you can hold it down with a lid. Be careful not to spill boiling water into your face during this time! After five minutes, open the cover and give it a little stir. Your coffee should be ready to drink if you have done everything correctly. 

Make Turkish Coffee

  • Like making stovetop coffee, Turkish coffee is another way to make a cup of Joe without a machine. However, Turkish coffee is different from your typical American blend in that it is small enough to fit in the filter of the reusable filter.
  • You’ll need: 
  • a Moka pot (or another kettle that can put out steam) and a coffee filter that fits on the top called an ibrik, plus several ibrik filters designed for this kind of coffee
  • teaspoon or French press scoop
  • medium-ground, dark roast coffee, and hot water. You can use any kind as long as it is medium-ground.
  • a heat proof ceramic mug. The ibrik fits into this.
  • a table and the best coffee maker you can find.


  • First, you must brew a pot of regular coffee, as this will aid in the proper brewing of Turkish coffee. If you use ibrik to make Turkish coffee, be sure to remove all grounds contained in the tiny jar top ball; otherwise, it will burn out when making Turkish coffee. 
  • Place some hot water in the bottom of your kettle or pot, about 2/3 full; put on the lid and turn on your stove or electric stove top burner (don’t use gas); leave on until hot. You will notice steam coming from the bottom of the pot almost immediately.
  • Put about two tablespoons of ground coffee in a heatproof ceramic mug and add it to the hot water; stir until the coffee grounds get evenly dissolved; then close your flame or burner off.
  • After you finish brewing, cool your cup of Turkish coffee by placing it inside another heat-resistant ceramic mug, sitting on a table (to avoid burning yourself), or by putting the mug inside a bowl.
  • Now remove the ibrik from your regular coffee cup and pour coffee into the ibrik.
  • Now pour a little hot water into your coffee cup to dissolve any lumps; then screw the lid back on and turn on the burner or flame under; you will notice that steam will rise from the bottom of your kettle or pot.
  • After about 15-20 seconds, let it sit for 10 minutes; then unscrew it (carefully) and pour yourself a cup of Turkish coffee. Now enjoy your delicious coffee!

Try a Faux French Press

You may also use a french press to make a great cup of coffee. But you need to tweak it a little bit to get it just right. 

How do you make drip coffee with just a filter?


You’ll need: 

  • a French press
  • coarsely ground coffee (you can purchase this from a grocery store)
  • a small glass or ceramic, heatproof bowl, heatproof mug, or filter (make sure it fits on top of your french press). It must not be plastic.
  • warm water
  • a spoon, a dip and a baking pan


  • Fill your small heatproof bowl (or mug) with warm water and then set it aside.
  • Put the coarsely ground coffee in the french press; then pour in the warm water.
  • Put a little bit of oil or butter on your finger to grease the top of the press or filter. Then gently push down the plunger of your French press to help grind and saturate your coffee grounds into the water at a slow speed; be sure not to push down too hard, else you may end up with some sediment in your cup of coffee. 
  • Lift one side of the filter, place it on top and keep lifting until it is all fitted on top. 
  • Now carefully lift the glass bowl out, put it on top of your coffee cup, let the coffee flow, and then remove.
  • Enjoy the cup of fantastic coffee!

Create a Coffee Bag

For those who prefer not to boil water, steam, or brew coffee, use the drip method. It is so easy to do. You can create a coffee bag whenever you need it for a hot cup of Joe any time.

It is an environmentally friendly way of making a cup of coffee to take on the go with you.

You’ll need:

  • coffee beans and ground coffee
  • one coffee bag (the type of bag depends on the kind of coffee you want to brew)
  • a spoon, a bowl, and a glass
  • a coffee pot (not necessary, as you can use a mug)
  • a rubber band for your coffee bag and a string for hanging the bag on (optional)

How to: 

  • Fill the pot or mug with hot water to heat it. 
  • Then take the hot water out and put in your coffee beans.
  • Put the ground coffee in afterwards. Stir your coffee lightly with a spoon for about two minutes; then, close it with a rubber band (and hang it if you like).
  • Suggestion: when using pre-ground coffee, add six tablespoons of coarsely ground beans per cup of water and leave it on medium heat until it reaches boiling point. 
  • Wait until the water level reduces to half before removing it from heat.
  • Then you can enjoy the pot of coffee in any way you want to.


How do you make drip coffee without a filter?

Can you make coffee without a filter?

Yes. Coffee can be brewed without a filter. Bacteria, mould, and dust are usually contained in coffee filters. But, you still have to brew it under proper temperature regulation so that your coffee doesn’t get spoiled.

You have to make sure that the temperature of your brew is neither too hot nor too cold because it will ruin your coffee.

Can you make Keurig coffee without a machine?

Yes. You can make Keurig coffee without using a machine. The only thing required is a paper filter and a reusable filter that fits on top of it. Also, if you have a tea kettle, you can use that to make your coffee.

Can you make coffee without electricity?

The best way of making coffee without electricity is to use a portable gas maker or campfire. You may also use a stovetop or microwave because these two also don’t require electrical power.

Is Turkish Coffee healthy?

A balanced diet is essential for your health, and that includes drinking coffee, too. It has social value and can benefit you healthwise in several ways.

In addition, some of the ingredients found in Turkish coffee are useful to your body, such as caffeine that helps suppress hunger.


Using various coffee brewing methods can give you a broad spectrum of coffee-making experiences. And, the different coffee brewing devices available for purchase make the process of making coffee more convenient. 

For example, some pre-made coffee grinders use a filter instead of grinding coffee beans manually. They are easy to use and come in various shapes and sizes. 

But, when it comes to making your drip coffee, one of the most significant features is that you have complete control over what goes into your coffee.

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