Does Coffee Mate Have Lactose? Find Out If It Causes Lactose Intolerance!

Coffee Mate Have Lactose

Are you someone who just puts your food item in your shopping cart?

Are you someone who doesn’t pay much attention to the ingredients of the food? 

Well! That's not a good habit because it can make for a lot of digestive distress and discomfort if you eat something that doesn't suit you by mistake. 

Having said that, if you like creamer in your coffee, but at the same time, you are lactose intolerant, then that might be a problem.

Therefore, it is essential to know about the ingredients of your favourite coffee mate creamer. So, Does Coffee Mate Have Lactose? Does coffee creamer cause lactose intolerance? Is Coffee Mate good for lactose intolerant people?

Let’s know more about it and whether you can have it if you are lactose intolerant.

Does Coffee Mate Have Lactose – First know What Is Coffee-Mate Creamer?

Before buying the creamer, people have this question – Does coffee creamer cause lactose intolerance? Is Coffee Mate good for lactose intolerant?

The main question here is whether or not Coffee Mate has lactose in it. The answer, by the way, is no. So, The first thing about coffee mate creamer is that it doesn’t contain milk at all. 

Some people might be surprised to learn this, but it’s pretty logical. Coffee-mate creamer uses coconut oil as the main ingredient. 

Is Coffee Mate good for lactose intolerant?

Coconut oil comes from coconuts and is very rich in saturated fats and medium-chain triglycerides. It is a non-dairy creamer that you can use to add flavour and consistency to your warm beverages.

You can also get coffee mate creamer packets which you can just add to hot water. You can buy it in a fridge version that is specifically meant for cold, dairy-free drinks. 

Because it is so versatile, many people favour coffee-mate creamer over milk or other dairy products. 

A quick look at the ingredients in a coffee mate will show that lactose is not part of the ingredient list. Unfortunately, it means that you likely won’t find lactose in coffee mate creamer. 

The Ingredients In Liquid Coffee-Mate Vary Slightly Depending On Flavour, But In General, They Include: 

  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Vegetable oil (high oleic soybean and high oleic canola)
  • Micellar casein (a milk derivative)
  • Mono and diglycerides
  • Dipotassium phosphate
  • Natural and artificial flavour
  • Cellulose gel
  • Cellulose gum
  • Carrageenan

These are some of the main ingredients that you will find in Coffee-mate creamer, but the vast majority of them are made from soybean oil. 

Soybean oil is a cholesterol-free fat that also contains monounsaturated fats, which are suitable for your heart. Moreover, it's even considered to be heart-healthy. The main ingredient in soybean oil is soy protein isolate.

As mentioned above, coffee mate creamers don’t use milk at all. Instead, it uses coconut oil as its main ingredient.

Can you drink coffee creamer if your lactose intolerant?

Coconut oil is also cholesterol-free, but its unique health advantages make it much more versatile than milk. 

In conclusion on Does Coffee Mate Have Lactose, if you are lactose intolerant, coffee mate creamer will be an excellent alternative. You can use it in place of your regular creamer without worrying about the lactose content. 

In addition, this product will help you get your coffee fixed without worrying about any added ingredients you don't necessarily want or need.

So, if you search for a non-dairy creamer for your beverages, then coffee mate creamer is the product for you! I hope your questions on “Does coffee creamer cause lactose intolerance? Is Coffee Mate good for lactose intolerant people?” are answered! 

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