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coffee Creamer

There are many ways to enjoy your relishing cup of coffee.

Some of the most popular are iced coffee, espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, and just regular old drip. 

Depending on your preference, you'll need a different type of creamer or milk for your morning cup of coffee.

It’s a great way to get more caffeine into your system, but there are a lot of different kinds, and sometimes it can be challenging to know which type you should use. 

This article will look at the types of coffee creamers, along with some pros and cons to help you choose the best for your needs.

Types of coffee creamers

There are multiple types of coffee creamers and milk out there. To see also : How To Keep Coffee Hot?. The most common types of creamers for coffee, however, include:

Dairy-free creamer

If you are one of the many lactose-intolerant people or want to avoid dairy in general, a Non-Dairy creamer can be a great choice. Read also : What Makes Coffee Taste Smooth

They don't contain heavy cream or milk, so that they won't have any lactose. Most of these non-dairy options are made from soybeans and coconut oil. 

They also have an excellent coffee taste, but the only downside is they are usually loaded with sugar. They range from almond, soy to coconut creamers.


  • Lactose-free
  • Good taste


  • High sugar content

Keto creamers

People who follow the keto lifestyle like to drink black coffee. Some of the most popular keto creamers out there are made from coconut oil and monk fruit extract. Read also : How To Grind Coffee Beans Without A Grinder?. They also come in both powdered and liquid forms.


  • Lactose-free
  • Made from coconut oil
  • Arrowroot powder used as a thickener 


  • High sugar content
  • Some may taste bitter or be chalky

Liquid creamers

Liquid creamers are used almost exclusively for iced coffee. They are usually highly sweetened and can be flavoured with vanilla and caramel, making them taste like creme brûlée. Some people prefer this sweeter taste compared to straight coffee or espresso

They are also less concentrated than the powdered versions of the creamer, so they may not be as thick as you want them to be.


  • It is faster to make iced coffee with


  • High sugar content
  • Not ideal for hot drinks 
  • Liquid can be thin or fluffy instead of thick 

Powdered creamers

Powdered creamer is used for any coffee, whether hot, cold or in an iced drink. It contains nutritional or instant coffee to give it a great taste without adding extra flavourings. You can prepare it with whole milk or even soy or almond milk.


  • Thickening agent, usually an arrowroot powder or cornstarch
  • Great taste when used for coffee or hot chocolate


  • Easy to add too much in at one time, making it overly thick 
  • Poor quality versions can have a burnt coffee taste 

Flavored creamers

Flavourings are not only added to the creamer but the entire beverage. Flavoured creamers can be pretty sweet, so reducing the flavour is an excellent way to tone that down. 

However, they can also cause more of a hiccup than the other types of creamers, so if you drink coffee often and drink it hot, then it's probably not something you want to use.


  • Adds flavour
  • Can be healthier, depending on the type of coffee creamer you use 
  • Comes in many delicious flavours


  • Has a delightful taste

Unflavored creamer

If you want to use a regular unflavored creamer, some options are soy and coconut milk. They also come in powdered and liquid forms. 


  • Great for people on a low carb diet who want some extra protein 
  • Healthier option than the flavoured ones


  • Most of the unflavored options are plain soy, which has a lot of fat in it 

Superfood creamers

These are generally used to add the nutrients that regular milk provides, but without the extra sugar in traditional milk. Some of these superfood creamer options include almond milk, coconut milk, and rice milk. 


  • Some have added ingredients that add nutrition, such as protein and vitamin A 
  • Many are lactose-free


  • Some taste overly sweet or have a noticeable aftertaste 

Mini-sealed cup

These are also known as single-cup creamers that are sealed in an individual package. While they are generally marketed for use in coffee, you can use them for any hot or cold beverage because you can control how much you add to your drink. Again, it is beneficial if you are sensitive to dairy.


  • Slim size, making them easy to travel with 
  • Can be used for a cold or hot beverage 


  • More expensive than the other options

Limitations of the different types of coffee creamer

When choosing a type of coffee creamer, there are some limitations that you should remember.

  • Allergies –If you have allergies to either soy or dairy, you may want to avoid these types of creamers. 
  • Sugar –The sugar content in all these options is relatively high, so observe this before choosing your favourite choice. 
  • Thickness –Most of the non-dairy creamers are thin and watery, while others can be very thick. It can be challenging to manage when making cold coffee drinks. Some work the best when they are blended with ice cubes. 
  • Heat –If you regularly enjoy drinking your coffee hot, then it’s probably not a good idea to use the liquid and flavoured creamers. The liquid ones can foam up and make a mess, while the sweet flavourings will cause your drink to taste burnt. 
  • Time –It takes longer to add powder than liquid. It also takes longer for powdered creamer to dissolve compared to beverage or non-dairy options. It means that it may take extra time when you are in a hurry.

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There are a lot of choices to drink your coffee with. The most common type of creamer is powdered creamer, but there are many other types available. The kind that is right for you can depend on needs and personal tastes. 

It can be challenging to choose, and that's why we put together this comprehensive buyers guide.

Which creamers do you prefer? Have you tried any of these creamers? Where is your favourite place to find the best coffee creamer on the market? Let us know in the comments below!

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