Best Tamper For Your La Pavoni Coffee Machine

Tamper For Your La Pavoni Coffee Machine

The La Pavoni coffee machine is the most famous Italian espresso maker globally.

It is prized for its signature design, which is pleasing to the eye and very sleek and artful. The La Pavoni coffee machine operates at approximately 9 bars of pressure, which provides delightful frothiness with every espresso served. 

Most users are looking for a way to protect the La Pavoni coffee machine from damage to avoid any potential breakdowns or malfunctions, and the best tamper for La Pavonis is a must. 

Many good-quality espresso machines have exceptional performance, but they can be easily damaged by poor equipment installation, thus causing issues with their functionality.

The best tamper for your La Pavoni coffee machine should be such that it will perfectly fit the specifications of your machine and create a rich and fulfilling cup.

What is a tamper?

A tamper is a device used to press down on coffee grounds to extract the most flavour and essence from every sip.

What is a tamper used for?
It is a vital tool that all espresso enthusiasts must use. The best Tamper will allow you to make the perfect espresso, with a delightful crema floating on top of it. 

You can use the quality tamper to tamp down any grinds in your portafilter so that they are evenly distributed and have enough force when you put them into your machine to produce an exceptional quality shot of espresso. All the reasons above are important to think about.

Benefits of a tamper:

Several benefits come with using a quality tamper for La Pavoni. Here are some of the most important ones.

  • A tamper for La Pavoni is a great friend for your machine. It will help protect and preserve it from any damage if you are accident-prone.
  • Using a tamper will not only help distribute the grounds evenly in your portafilter but also make sure that they have enough pressure behind them so that when they enter your espresso machine, they do not float over the group head or under the filter basket.
  • A tamper will also help improve your espresso technique and ensure that you are using the right amount of pressure.
  • It will help you master the art of manually extracting espresso, thus providing a deeper understanding of how your machine functions and what you need to do to get the best quality shot out of it.
  • A tamper will help you make better-tasting espresso since it gives you total control over your shots, thus ensuring that they are just how you want them to be.

What tampers are available for La Pavoni?

Tamper by La Pavoni

This is one of the best tampers La Pavoni users will find on the market. Since the company has certified it, it is guaranteed to fit perfectly into your machine and perform with great care and skill. 

Does La Pavoni come with tamper?
It comes in two diameters, one 51 mm and one 51.5mm. It is made of stainless steel, making it long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

Which one should you choose?

With the 51 mm tamper, you will probably see some leftover coffee on the edges of the tamper, while when you use the 51.5 mm tamper, there is no coffee on the edges as it is properly tamped.

Easy Tamper

The Tamper listed on this website from the Easy tamper Company is a great choice for those who prefer to invest in high-quality equipment. It comes in two sizes; the larger is roughly about 50 mm at its base and 20 mm at the top. 

This tamper is made of stainless steel, and it also has a silicone cover that protects it from any potential damages and scratches. It fits perfectly into the La Pavoni coffee machine and all other standard espresso machines.

Gino D’Angiolillo Tamper

Since the company that makes this tamper has been around for more than 30 years, it has gained a lot of trust from its customers. 

Gino D'Angiolillo Tamper
The special shape and design of the Gino D'Angiolillo will help you to tamp down your coffee grounds perfectly to produce an exceptional shot of espresso. 

It is made with stainless steel, which gives it great durability and makes it aesthetically pleasing.

Does La Pavoni come with tamper?

The La Pavoni includes a tamper when it is purchased. It is designed specifically to fit your espresso machine and allow you to utilize it for the best tasting espresso.

How do I choose the right tamper?

There are several things you will have to consider when choosing a tamper. It is important that the tamper you choose fits perfectly into your machine and does not create any problems during its use.

It is also important that you are comfortable with the feel of the tamper, as it will affect how well your espresso shots will turn out. You will have to get used to it, especially if you have never used a tamper before and do not know how they work.

How big should espresso tamper be?

If you plan to use it with all types of espresso machines, then you will have to choose one that is large enough to fit in your portafilter.
If you only plan to use it on one type of machine, then you can choose something a little smaller as long as it fits.

How thick should the tamper be?

The tamper should be thick enough so that it can still tamp down the coffee grounds evenly but not so thick that it makes the espresso shots too weak.

How do I know what size tamper to get?

A tamper will usually come in one of three sizes: 40 mm, 45 mm, or 50 mm. You will have to determine what size fits best in your machine and then go from there.

You should make sure that you choose the correct size before purchasing any tamper as you will have to return it if it does not fit properly.
The tamper should be made of something durable so that it can last for years so you do not have to worry about how long you are going to use it for.

Does a tamper make a difference?

A tamper will help you get a more consistent shot every time. It will help you tamp the coffee grounds to ensure that they are evenly distributed, thus resulting in an even extraction of the espresso.

Without a tamper, it is more difficult to make sure that the shot is going to be consistently excellent every time.

Do I need an espresso tamper?

In more expensive espresso machines, such as those listed above, a tamper is probably not needed. The quality of the machine and its portafilter will ensure that you get the same shot every time.
However, if you are using an older espresso machine or a cheap one, then you will have to use an espresso tamper to make sure your shots are perfect every time.

Does an expensive tamper make a difference?

An expensive tamper is not always going to produce an excellent shot compared to its cheaper counterpart. It will depend on the materials that were used in the making of the tamper, how well it was constructed, and how well it fits into your portafilter


Many tamper options have been certified by La Pavoni users. They are made of high-quality materials and are also aesthetically pleasing.

It will depend on your personal preference which one you need to buy. All of the mentioned products from the companies above will provide you with a high-quality tamper for your La Pavoni coffee machine that will work exceptionally well and look great in your kitchen area. 

I recommend using the 51.5 mm tamper since it will help you tamp the coffee grounds evenly and equally in your portafilter.

If you tamp with a large tamper, there will be some resistance while tamping as the coffee grounds are loosely packed.

 The tamper should always be cleaned after each use with warm water so that no residue of coffee remains on it.

This way, you will be able to use it for many years without worrying about potential damage and or malfunctioning.

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