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A burr grinder is an essential piece of machinery for any coffee lover.

The grind affects the brew’s taste, and if you use a burr grinder, you can enjoy your coffee at its peak flavour. 

There are two types of grinders: blade (a rotating metal blade) and burr (ceramic or metal plates with spikes). 

Generally speaking, blade grinders are cheaper and produce inconsistent results, while burr grinders usually cost more but generally do not suffer from these issues. 

This article will compare two burr grinders - the Hario skerton plus and the Hario Pro. They both cost about the same and come from Hario's same manufacturer. The main difference between them is the number of fines produced by them. 

Hence, this article is more suited for comparing two burrs than a buyer/user of a burr grinder.

Let’s get into the details.

About Hario Skerton Plus:

The Skerton Plus Manual Coffee Grinder delivers the perfect cup of coffee, as it helps the user achieve the right grind size and grind consistency. The Skerton Plus manual coffee grinder has a ceramic conical burr grinder and stainless steel burrs. 

The ceramic conical burr grinder enables users to achieve a finer grind than the standard conical burr grinders, with an even finer grind than the cylindrical burrs. 

In addition, the Skerton Plus coffee grinder is ergonomically designed to make grinding quick and easy. A rubber base ensures that the mill does not move on the countertop while grinding. In addition, the stepped grinding adjustment mechanism makes grinding quick and easy. 

Users can adjust the amount of grind by turning the crank handle. This grinder offers excellent performance at a great price.


  • Ceramic conical burrs enable a uniform grind into a fine powder.
  • Adjustable ceramic conical burr grinder to choose any size of the grind
  • Flexible coffee grinder with storage for coffee beans and coffee scoop
  • Hario Skerton Plus is the choice of professional baristas and coffee lovers.
  • It has a stabilizing plate.


  • A ceramic conical burr grinder. Ceramic burrs are more potent than steel. It enables the grinder to withstand more pressure and avoid breaking or wearing down the burr during use.
  • The ergonomically designed crank handle is easy to use and change. Users can grind right on a countertop or attach the mill to a coffee grinder stand for convenient storage.
  • Nonslip rubber base keeps the mill in place during grinding. As a result, users do not have to worry about their grinding mill moving, making it hard to control the grind.
  • The stepped grinding adjustment mechanism is easy to use and change. A small, stepped adjustment mechanism helps adjust the grind amount very quickly.


  • Cannot grind a lot of coffee
  • Getting the right size of grinds will require some practice and experiments.
  • The plastic may disintegrate over time.

About Hario Pro:

The Skerton Pro is a simple grinder that makes the best coffee you’ve ever tasted. It’s built from heat-resistant glass and made in Japan, but the big difference lies in its ceramic conical burrs, which keep coffee beans intact and avoid overheating, unlike blade grinders. 

The Skerton Pro is easy to use, and the only adjustment required is adjusting the grinder's settings to your preferred grind size. 

The best thing about this machine is that you can adjust the grind size as needed, and there are no burrs to clog or break. You can also take it anywhere and use it for travel-sized coffee. 

The Skerton Pro is small enough to fit in most hotel cupboards, so it's easy to bring along and perfect for busy people on the go. 

It’s also much quieter than blade grinders, so you can use it without disturbing others at home or work.


  • Ceramic burrs ensure the finest uniform grind and easy release of coffee beans.
  • Adjustable ceramic conical burr grinder to choose any size of the grind
  • The robust heat-resistant glass container is a heat insulator, and its honeycomb design allows heat to disperse evenly.
  • Easy grinding with adjustable burr settings
  • All of the burrs are stainless steel so that they won’t rust.
  • Washable filter made of glass.


  • Ceramic burrs allow for even heating, resulting in a uniform grind.
  • The glass container is shatter-proof and heat insulating.
  • Ceramic burrs, stainless steel burrs, heat-resistant glass containers & nonslip protection, washable filter and lid are all made in Japan.
  • Can ground right on the countertop without moving the grinder. You can also grind anywhere and put it away for rainy days or travel with it.


  • Without practice, you will get an inconsistent grind
  • You will need to repeatedly try and adjust the burr settings until you can get a uniform grind
  • Limited warranty

Now, let’s compare the two burrs.

Is Hario Skerton pro good for espresso?


Thanks to its stepped grind adjustment mechanism, the Hario skerton plus is more compact than the Hario pro. It is also relatively cheaper than the Hario pro. 

On the other hand, the Hario pro's grind setting mechanism requires you to set it in a certain way before you start grinding, while you can change the Skerton Plus grinder on the go. The Skerton Plus is a much lighter grinder as well.


The Skerton Plus is a good grinder for coffee brewed with entire city-roast grade coffee beans. You may get better efficiency if you grind your coffee, but this will also depend on your skill level. It can also make espresso if you are willing to spend the extra bucks. 

The Skerton Plus is easy to use, but it requires some practice to ensure that you obtain the right fine grind size. If you have limited expertise in grinding coffee beans, this is the best choice. 

The Skerton Pro is perfect for looking for excellent grinds. It can give you a consistent grind size and produce espresso-grade grinds.

Fast grinding

The Skerton pro can grind 27g of beans in just 99 seconds! It is much faster than most coffee grinders, which take up to around two minutes to grind a certain amount of beans.

Easy to clean

The Skerton Plus’ grinding chamber is very easy to clean. First, you need to empty it and wash it using soapy water. Then, simply wipe the grinder’s lid, body and base with a damp cloth after finishing. 

The only thing you'd have to worry about would be the top lid, which could accumulate some coarse grinds over time if you are not careful.

How many clicks on Hario Skerton pro?

The Hario Skerton Pro coffee grinder is easy to set up and very easy to use, with a simple step-by-step process. You can adjust the grind size using the dials on the top of the machine, along with its different measurement markers. You can adjust it from coarse to fine grinds, making it perfect for any kind of coffee you want.

You also have an option of setting it in between two measurement marks if you want a medium grind size.

Is Hario grinder good for espresso?

Hario Skerton Plus is a great choice for espresso, and Hario Pro is also excellent for espresso.

Hario Skerton Plus grinds beans quickly and easily to produce a consistent, uniform grind size. The grinder can adjust between different size grinds and also gives you the option to make a medium-sized coffee.

The Skerton Plus only takes one minute to grind a cup of coffee, which means you can get on with other things while it does its job.

Which Hario grinder is best?

The Hario Skerton Pro is the best grinder for espresso, while the Hario Skerton Plus is good for home espresso.

The Hario Pro has more precise grind settings and can give you accurate grind sizes. The machine also allows you to adjust the fineness of your coffee beans’ grinds – making it perfect for espresso.

Meanwhile, the Hario Skerton Plus can also get you a fine-grind size, but it does not have accurate settings.

How do you clean a Hario Skerton pro?

The Hario Skerton Pro coffee grinder has a detachable chamber, which makes it very easy to clean.

It is also comprised of a 100% glass container, which makes it heat resistant and shatter-proof. You can clean the chamber on your countertop using soap and water, but to ensure its durability you should avoid using harsh chemicals and cleaning liquids. Read also : The Best Cold-Brew Coffee Maker Reviews For 2019: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide.

Is Hario Skerton good for aeropress?

The Hario Skerton Pro coffee grinder is great for aeropress, and you will be able to achieve a fine-grind size.

You will have to experiment with the different settings available in the machine if you want an even finer grind for your coffee. Be sure to use whole beans as well for best results.

Is hand grinding coffee better?

In the past, hand grinders were the most common type of coffee grinders you’d see in professional coffee shops. Using a machine to grind your coffee beans may seem like an extra step, but it is actually more efficient than doing it by hand.

Where is Hario Skerton made?

The Hario Skerton Pro grinder is made in Japan.

How do you change the grind size on a Hario hand grinder?

The Hario Skerton Pro coffee grinder uses a dial to change the grind size. You can adjust it between coarse and fine grinds; you do not have to worry about getting something in between.

You can change the grind size from coarse to fine within a few seconds, without any hassle.


The Hario Skerton Plus and Hario Pro are versatile machines professionals use worldwide. These simple machines are perfect for looking for a reliable grinder.

The Skerton Plus grinds coffee beans, while the Hario Pro has more delicate grind settings that produce espresso-grade grinds. 

You will have to experiment with each grinder to see which setting works best with your bean type and preference, but the Skerton Plus will get you started well enough.

So, the answer is simple: if you are looking for a grinder that will grind your favourite beans to a fine grind, and produce consistent, high-quality grinds with little experience required, then go for the Skerton Plus. 

On the other hand, if you are a pro at grinding beans and want something that can give you precise grind sizes and produce espresso-grade grinds with precision, then go for the Hario Pro.

Do you have any questions? Leave them in the comments below.

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