Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker

Love To Have Iced Coffee – This Mr. Coffee Guide Will Help

Mr Coffee iced coffee maker is an ideal kitchen appliance to have in your home. It’s small enough to place in any corner of the house, but its sleek design and expandable capabilities make it a unit you’ll love using. 

This article will guide you on the usage of this appliance for the best-iced coffee possible every time! So let’s get started.

Mr Coffee's iced coffee makers are designed with user-friendly features for easy operation and carefree maintenance. You can make refreshing iced coffee in minutes. 

This machine cools hot coffee over ice, leaving you with flavorful iced coffee that’s not watery at all. 

Tumbler(included) is a coffee container that makes it easy to enjoy your favourite coffee drink any time, anywhere. You can mix in your favourite additives.

How To Use Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker?

Start with the unit unplugged.

Warning:  Turn on the machine only after putting the water in and the tumbler under the drip spout.

  • Fill the tumbler with clean filtered water up to the “WATER” marking.
  • Lift the unit’s lid to expose, and remove the brewing basket portion, exposing the water reservoir. 
  • Insert the “WATER” marking of the tumbler into the water reservoir.
  • Put the brew basket back on top of the reservoir. Put the reusable filter into the coffee brew basket.
  • To open, slide the drip-stop switch.
  • Pour one prescribed measure of ground coffee beans into the provided reusable filter. Close the lid.
  • Fill the glass with big cubes of ice to the ICE level.
  • Pour one prescribed measure of ground coffee beans into the provided reusable filter. Close the lid.
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Note: If you want a more robust cup of iced coffee, you can use 1½ – 2 scoops of ground coffee beans. This machine is also friendly with standard 12-cup basket-style paper coffee filters.

This appliance also works with standard 12-cup paper filters. If you would like, use the paper filters instead of the included reusable coffee filter.
  • Fill the glass with big cubes of ice to the ICE level.
  • Place your tumbler of ice under the drip spout and turn it on. Press the “START” button and ensure the red LED is lightened.
  • Allow 3-4 minutes for brewing to finish. Once the dripping slows and stops, slide the drip-stop to closed to stop the flow of coffee.
  • Add in an excellent coffee customizing addition for a more immersive flavour.
  • Place a tall glass under the drip spout and pour in your favourite flavour of ice coffee.
  • Enjoy! This appliance is easy to use, simple in design, and easy to clean up in a matter of minutes! 

Final thoughts

If you want a convenient way to make your iced coffee, choosing a Mr Coffee® Iced Coffee Maker is excellent.

The Mr Coffee® Iced Coffee Maker is easy to operate, with easy to use, clean, and maintain features. It offers quick brewing time and produces a richly flavoured coffee beverage. 

The Mr Coffee® Iced Coffee Maker is perfect for any coffee lover who likes to enjoy iced coffee.

All in all, this unit is an excellent investment of time, money, and space.

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