Kids Friendly Starbucks Drinks

Kids Friendly Drinks

You are at the Starbucks to grab your favourite drink, and your kid is demanding one too? Now you are not aware that there are any kids-friendly Starbucks Drinks? 

Well! In that case, you can trust the experts at Starbucks who know all about what kids want! Here are 17 drinks that offer an outstanding balance of sweet and healthy. 

There’s even a juice option for those little ones who might not be into coffee yet.


Lemonade is an excellent drink for kids because it’s refreshing without being too sweet. This drink consists of two raspberry syrup pumps, one pump of vanilla syrup, and lemonade to taste. 

Is lemonade a healthy drink?
When you add the raspberry and vanilla syrups, the flavour is more concentrated, so you may need to add a bit of lemonade to balance it out.

Kiwi Star Fruit Lemonade Refresher

This drink is so much more than just lemonade because it has Starfruit, a kiwi fruit that can protect you from sunburn. This drink also has zesty raspberry syrup, one pump of vanilla syrup, and lemonade to taste.

Iced Strawberry Milk

For those first-time coffee drinkers, let your kid try this juice-based drink. It’s a great way to introduce the taste of coffee to kids who aren’t yet hooked on caffeine. 

Strawberry milk consists of two pumps of vanilla syrup and one pump of strawberry syrup. Make sure you don't add any extra ice so that the drink doesn't get watered down too much.

Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk

This drink is my kid’s favourite, and I’m sure it will become your kid’s favourite after they try it. It takes the flavour of Starbucks oat milk, which tastes just like a vanilla milkshake, and adds a little bit of sweetness with brown sugar syrup. Kids love it!

What is in the brown sugar Oatmilk latte Starbucks?
To make this drink, start with two pumps of brown sugar syrup. Add ice to taste, then top with oat milk to taste.

Kids Hot Chocolate

This drink is perfect for those chilly fall days and winter nights. It has three pumps of vanilla syrup and one pump of chocolate syrup. The ideal balance between sweet and decadent!

White Hot Chocolate

White Hot Chocolate is very similar to the original drink, except it doesn’t have chocolate or cocoa. 

You can either use milk, milk alternative, and sugar-free hot chocolate syrup to make it white hot chocolate, or equal parts cream, milk alternative, sugar-free hot chocolate syrup. Add your favourite toppings.

Caramel Apple Spice

It is another great drink for the fall. It’s also kid-friendly and is made with apple juice, caramel sauce, and cinnamon dolce syrup. 

What is Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice?
When using this drink as a base, you may need to add extra syrup if the kids don't want something too sweet. Nothing quite says fall like apple cider, but you can spice it up with this drink.


This drink is so fun to make because it starts with your choice of milk or coconut milk. Then, you take the milk and steam it with the two types of syrup to foam up. 

Once you add the foam to your cup, you can top it off with either whole milk or coconut milk. This drink will be gone in no time!

Creme Frappuccinos

Creme Frappuccinos are great for kids because they contain low-fat milk. Kids may complain that it’s too sweet, but you can order a Creme Frappuccino Light with no whip cream to help reduce the sweetness. 

Pick out another flavour that will appeal to the kids' tastes to help cut down on the sweetness.

Blended Strawberry Lemonade

It is an excellent alternative if your kids want something fruity, but you don’t want to pack them a glass of fruit juice. It starts with a small amount of whole milk, strawberry syrup, and lemonade with ice. 

Can you get a blended strawberry lemonade from Starbucks?
This drink is very refreshing with the right amount of sweetness to it.

You can even add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make it a milkshake which can be an excellent drink for the summer.


Smoothies are great for kids! They’re almost like eating a healthy pudding. They can be made with milk or yoghurt and can also be prepared with skim milk, but you might need to add more of the fruit or vegetable juice if your child’s needs aren’t as high as the rest of ours.

Purple Drink

Purple Drink is a fun drink to order. You can add a touch of vanilla syrup to make the colour more obvious. This drink consists of fruit juice, milk, and ice, so it’s very refreshing and won’t make your child too full.

Violet Drink

This drink is just like Purple Drink, but it uses violet syrup instead, making its colour much more vibrant than Purple Drink. This drink contains ice, milk, and fruit juice, making it a delicious one.

What is in Starbucks violet drink?


This drink is made with steamed milk, chocolate sauce, and coffee. You can even add chocolate chips for extra fun. 

Blended Juice Drink

Blended Juice Drinks are suitable for kids who want something healthy but still want a delicious drink. You can add chocolate syrup and ice to make this drink even more kid-friendly.

Iced Passion Tango Tea Lemonade with Strawberry Inclusions

This drink is perfect for kids and adults alike. Its ingredients and flavours come together to deliver a refreshing blend of citrus and strawberry. Its simple flavours make it an excellent choice for kids and parents alike!

What is in the passion Tango iced tea at Starbucks?

Warmed Milk

Warmed milk is ideal for kids who don’t like plain milk. You can use different flavours of syrup to make it taste different, or try mixing vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry syrup to give your child their favourite flavour. 

You can also add sugar-free hot chocolate sauce if your child is not a fan of the original drink.

Tea Latte

This drink is made with brewed tea, milk, and ice. You can also add sugar-free hot chocolate sauce if your child is not a fan of the original drink. 

Finally, you can add some chocolate chips and whip cream for a trifle drink if you want to get fancy! But, of course, the kids will be too busy adding toppings to notice what's happening in their cups.

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

This drink consists of steamed milk, salted caramel syrup, and cocoa. It’s a great drink for kids who aren’t crazy about sweet drinks. You can also add mini marshmallows to make it more fun.

Is salted caramel hot chocolate good?

Pumpkin Spice Crème

It has pumpkin purée, vanilla seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, and molasses which makes an excellent drink for the fall!

Cinnamon Dolce Crème

This drink has cinnamon, dolce syrup, and steamed milk and is a great after-dinner drink for the fall!

Vanilla Bean Frappuccino

This drink is great for kids because it has low-fat milk. It’s made with vanilla bean powder, ice, and steamed milk. If you want to give your child just a hint of spice, add cinnamon dolce syrup to your drink.

What is in a vanilla bean frappuccino?
You can also add your favourite sprinkles or cookie crumbles for a fun touch to the drink. You can even make this drink fun for kids by letting them help you make it!

Tips for Ordering Kids Drinks

Here are some tips for ordering kids drinks. 

  • Kid-Friendly Drinks – If you’re going to be in a situation where you need to know if a drink is safe for your child, assume that it’s not until you find out that it isn’t.
  • Having Kids Pick Their Drinks – Ask the person working behind the counter if it’s okay to have children pick their drinks for you when they arrive. If the person is okay with it, you can allow your child to select their drink without worrying about asking questions.
  • Stay Away From Caffeine – It’s best to give your children non-caffeinated drinks. This way, they won’t be getting an unnecessary caffeine boost that will keep them up at night or make them jittery and anxious. 
Since most kids aren't allowed caffeinated drinks, to begin with, you won't need to worry much about this step.
  • Add Extra Flavoring/Mix-Ins – If your child has trouble making a decision, you can help them by adding extra flavours to their drink. Just be sure that the different flavour is non-caffeinated.
  • Give the Kids What You Like – You shouldn’t order a drink for your child that you don’t like yourself. For example, if you don’t like sugary drinks, you shouldn’t call one for your child either.
  • Ask for a Small Cup – Order kids drinks in a small cup to make it easier to handle. You can even ask the barista to put your exact specifications on your order, so they know what you need.
  • Let Your Child Have a Say – Children love when they are included in the ordering process, so let them have a say in their drink! 
It will help you remember what they drink most often and give them a sense of control over the situation.
  • Maintaining Control – It’s important to remember that you’re still in control and should always keep an eye on your kids. That said, it won’t hurt to let them take a little bit of charge at times so you can enjoy yourself as well.
  • Keep Your Kids Occupied – If your child wants something, see if the establishment you’re in has a crayon box or colouring sheets for them to play with while they wait for their drink to be made.

It’s great to give your children a tiny space and independence when you’re ordering them drinks, but it’s still important to stay alert and watch out for them.


You should have no problem ordering your kids drinks from Starbucks or other coffee shops by following these tips.

Remember to always be alert, calm, and friendly to ensure that your children have a great experience. You should also have no problem ordering delicious drinks for yourself as well.

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