How Do You Like Your Coffee?


Many of us drink coffee for breakfast, and maybe for a mid-morning or late-afternoon pick me up, or perhaps we drink it in the morning as well.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in America, and everyone has their personal preference on how they like their coffee.

When talking about what you like to put into your cup of Joe, there are many choices for making your coffee taste just right: milk, sweeteners (diet), creamer type, etc. So, let us discuss how we like our coffee and how you can make it “your way.”

Let’s get started!

You can add cream or sugar to your coffee cup!

Adding cream or sugar to your coffee can change the flavour of your coffee and can make it less bitter! The cream or sugar will add sweetness to the coffee and give it a rich taste. 

Therefore, cream and sugar can help with the bitter taste of coffee in some cases. For this reason, many people prefer to drink their coffee black; however, if you enjoy cream and sugar, then, by all means, add a little!

You can use flavoured creamers or sugars. 

Many people enjoy adding different flavours to their coffee to make it taste better. There are many different flavours that you can add to your coffee, such as vanilla and chocolate. 

These flavours can be used with both cream and sugar when desired. For example, you may add creamers to your coffee to give it a sweet taste.

Most people who drink coffee regularly like to add flavours to their coffee, such as a flavoured syrup or flavoured powder (like an "Irish Creme" flavour). 

These types of flavoured powders and syrups can be solid, so you sometimes need to add less than you think you will need. You can also add cream and sugar or creamer to these beverages because they are made with coffee!

Drink decaffeinated coffee. 

The coffee industry has changed, and you can now drink coffee with better decaf beans. These now have lower caffeine content, which is the main factor that causes caffeine jitters and heart palpitations. 

Is it unhealthy to drink decaffeinated coffee?
If you have a problem with heart palpitations, it is best to drink decaf coffees. Be sure to check out "Home Decaf" or "Fair Trade" if you choose to drink decaf coffee beans. 

Add your coffee to ice! 

Sometimes, there is nothing better than cold coffee. You can easily make this type of coffee by pouring a cup of fresh, hot coffee into an ice cube tray and letting it freeze overnight. In the morning, let your cubes thaw a little before drinking them! 

Sometimes people like to add sugar or artificial sweeteners to their iced coffees! We tend to use coffee as a part of our daily routines. We may drink it in the morning and the afternoon, or perhaps even in the evening. 

Coffee can act as a stimulant or be used for stress and anxiety. When deciding how you want your coffee to taste, you have many options and choices to make.

You can add sweetness or cream by using sweeteners such as sugar or creamer, depending on your personal preference.

Try instant coffee.

Many people prefer instant coffee, known as “instant” or “mug” coffee, for its fast brewing time. Instant coffee is also a blend of ground beans pre-blended with oils and powdered coffee, making it easier to drink. 

While one cup of instant coffee has less caffeine than a traditional cup of brewed coffee, the hot water provides properties in the mug that offer a similar effect. In addition, you can eliminate the bitter aftertaste by adding creamer or sugar. 

Try cold brew.

Cold brew coffee is a brewing method that uses cold water rather than boiling. The process keeps the coffee’s acidity, or tannin, low.

What's so special about cold brew coffee?
Cold-brew is traditionally served over ice in a chilled glass, reducing the bitterness and enhancing its smooth taste. In addition, cold-brew coffee can be mixed with milk or cream to create a drink more suited to your taste buds. 


An affogato is an Italian drink consisting of espresso and a scoop of ice cream. The best time to drink an affogato is fresh from the coffee shop.

However, if you do not want to wait, you can make the drink by pouring coffee over a scoop of ice cream and letting the two blend together. 

Try white coffee.

White coffee is a type of coffee obtained by removing the skin and pulp from raw beans. They are sometimes not roasted enough when roasted, leaving a bitter taste that can be removed by steeping them in pure water before consumption. 

It allows the drinker to enjoy the subtle flavours of the bean without having to worry about bitterness or unpleasant aftertastes. 

Traditionally, white coffee beans are famous worldwide, which provides an almost exotic quality to drinking them. 

Dirty chai

Dirty chai consists of a shot of espresso, steamed milk, and a tea base. It is often served with whipped cream and cinnamon on top, enhancing the flavour. It can be prepared in many ways; it is one of the most popular drinks to order at coffee shops. 

Irish coffee

Irish coffee is a mixture of Irish whiskey, coffee, and cream. This drink is served hot and often enjoyed after dinner. It has a vibrant flavour created from coffee and whiskey. 

Does Irish coffee make you drunk?

The takeaway

Coffee is a versatile drink that is alterable in many different ways. There are so many options from which you can choose, allowing you to create the type of coffee that best fits your tastes and preferences. 

For example, you may enjoy adding creamer to create a sweeter flavour, or you may prefer mixing your coffee with ice for a cold beverage. You can also try switching the type of coffee bean you use for your daily cup of Joe!  

So, what’s your favourite way to enjoy coffee? Tell us your favourite way to enjoy coffee by leaving a comment below!

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