How To Keep Your French Press Coffee Hot: Reheat or Insulated Makers

French Press Coffee

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We all know that coffee is great for our health, but what if it doesn’t stay that way for long? If you’re drinking coffee and the cup gets cold, the coffee will start to lose its flavour. The best way to make sure you don’t have cold coffee is by keeping it hot. 

However, it’s not always easy to keep your coffee hot, especially when you’re busy doing other things.

If you’re looking for a way to make your coffee warm for as long as possible, there is no need to invest in a new espresso machine or even spend money on coffee beans. All you need is a French press. 

It is one of my favourite ways to enjoy a cup of coffee warm. It's the perfect blend of the bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of the milk.

It’s a delicate balance. If you don’t have the time to make a traditional cup of coffee, this may be the last thing you want to do. 

However, enjoying your French press coffee at its ideal temperature is extremely easy.

How To Keep Your French Press Coffee Hot – First learn How To Make French Press Coffee

There are many ways to enjoy your French press coffee, but one of the best ways is to have it right when you wake up.

It is the ideal time to drink a cup of coffee. The caffeine will keep you going all day, and the taste will keep you coming back for more. 

How do I make perfect French press coffee?

Also, if you start your day by brewing coffee with French press, then it’s less likely that you’ll reach for a different type of beverage later in the day.

Simply put your coffee grounds into your French press and saturate them with water to make French press coffee. 

Let the coffee grounds sit overnight on the counter and then start brewing shortly after breakfast in the morning. 

If you’re interested in the best coffee to use with your French press, then you’re the best bet is to go with a medium roast.

It is best to let it sit on the warmer for an hour or so before brewing your coffee when it comes to the water temperature.

It will bring the water to a temperature just below boiling and ensure that your coffee doesn’t burn during the brewing process. 

It may take a while, but regardless of how much coffee you make, this will be well worth it in the end. 

Where To Put The Coffee From The French Press To Keep It Hot?

The simple answer is that the coffee stays hot because of the hot water from the faucet. However, a few things can keep your coffee at its ideal temperature for as long as possible. 

Here Are A Few Tips On How To Keep Your french press Coffee Hot For Longer.

Place Your Coffee Into A Thermos

Thermos is excellent for holding liquids without letting them get cold. They are made of stainless steel, which keeps the temperature of the liquid inside the stable.

By placing your coffee into a thermos, you're keeping the ideal temperature of your coffee longer.

Transfer Your Coffee To A Double-Walled Carafe:

If you have a double-walled carafe, using it to keep your coffee hot is an ideal solution. The double-walled carafe will keep the coffee inside hot while keeping the outside cool.

In addition, it makes it easy to transport the coffee without worrying about spills or burns. 

Use A Thermal Mug For Your Coffee:

If you don’t have a carafe, a thermal mug will help keep your coffee hot. It is made of stainless steel to keep the hot temperature inside for as long as possible.

How do you use a coffee travel mug?

Use A Smart Mug:

It not only keeps your coffee hot but also tells you exactly when to drink your coffee. The truth is, we all have many things to do in the morning, so using an intelligent mug would be great as you can always see how long you have left before your coffee gets cold.

Use A USB Mug Warmer

The USB mug warmer is a fantastic source of keeping your coffee hot and the ideal temperature for drinking coffee.

It will help keep the coffee at the optimal temperature for drinking. The USB mug warmer is connected to your computer, so it will charge as you use your computer.

Put Your Already Cooled Coffee In The Microwave:

If you’re planning on making coffee in the morning, you may want to put some of the coffee in a thermos. However, after a few hours, it will get cold.

If you place your already cooled coffee into the microwave for about 30 seconds, the coffee will stay warm even after it cools down.

Can You Reheat French Press Coffee?

When you have the question How To Keep Your French Press Coffee Hot, the question of reheating it arises! French Press coffee stays hot because of the hot water you pump into the press once your coffee is brewing.

Once you open your French Press, don’t place it back on the hot plate to reheat it because this could cause a blowout. Instead, you must use cold water and heat the carafe in an oven.
Can you put leftover French press coffee in the fridge?

Do Insulated French Press Coffee Makers Make Better Coffee Than Glass?

The French press, or coffee plunger, is a coffee brewing system that pushes down the coffee grounds, but leaves them in the water to steep.

The result is a rich brew with flecks of sediment. It’s simple to use and comes in various sizes for individual or group use.

French presses are not insulated and don’t keep your coffee hot as it steeps—so you may want to consider an insulated French press, or thermal carafe if you want more than just one cup of coffee.

Reheating is an excellent option if you don’t have enough time to make French Press coffee traditionally but still want to enjoy your coffee.

The only setback people have with reheating is that it may change the flavour of your French Press coffee. 

Still, if you practice and follow these steps carefully, you will be able to transform your reheated French Press into a new taste sensation. 

All you have to do is:

  • Place your newly brewed French Press into the microwave
  • Add 1-1.5 cups of water to the carafe, depending on how strong you want your coffee
  • Heat the carafe in an oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 seconds
  • Remove the carafe from the oven and place it back into your French Press.

How long does a French press keep coffee hot?

There are many ways to keep coffee hot. One of them is the traditional way of using a French press. When using this brewing system, you need to know how long you can use it to keep the coffee hot. Some people recommend keeping the coffee in a thermos, but there are also those who say that you can use a French press as well. The only thing to remember is: do not leave your coffee in the same place all day.

This will cause it to lose its temperature and make it lose its taste. You can keep your coffee hot for about 6-8 hours if you do not add anything extra to your preparation and drink the whole cup of it at once.

How do you keep coffee warm for hours?

There are many ways to keep your coffee warm. One of them is by keeping it in the refrigerator. If you have enough space in the refrigerator, you can keep your coffee there. Another way is to use a carafe. As long as you place it on a pan, it will stay warm for quite a while.

How do you keep a large amount of coffee hot?

There are many ways to keep your coffee warm. One of them is by using an insulated carafe. It can keep warm for quite a while as long as you place it on a pan.

Can you heat the coffee in French press?

Yes you can heat the coffee in a French press if you have forgotten to put your coffee on the hot plate. You can reheat your coffee by simply placing it back into the French press afterward, but remember that this will cause it to become thick and bitter.

What cup will keep coffee hot the longest?

A French press can keep the coffee hot for quite a while without burning the coffee. But to make sure that you will enjoy your drink to the fullest, ensure that you use a heat resistant cup. This way, you won’t have to worry about burning your mouth when drinking.

Can I use a candle warmer to keep my coffee warm?

A candle warmer can keep your coffee warm, but it will burn the coffee. If you really have to use one, make sure that you place the warmer at a distance from your coffee and make sure that you tend to the coffee often.

Why do you preheat a French press?

Preheating a French press is important to ensure that your coffee will be warm for a long time. It also prevents the coffee from becoming bitter as well. It is also important because it makes sure that your coffee will not cool down rapidly thus making you drink it in one go.

Does Yeti keep coffee hot?

Yes. But it is different from a French press because it has a stainless steel container and a double walled body. It is also insulated and can be heated up pretty fast.


1. What’s the difference between cold brew and French press?

A French press coffee maker (also known as a press pot) is a simple, inexpensive device that’s virtually indestructible and produces delicious coffee with a rich flavor.

Cold-brewed coffee is also delicious; it's just less acidic, and it has an entirely different flavor than French press coffee.

The main difference between cold-brewed coffee and French-press coffee is that the former needs to be refrigerated, while the latter doesn’t.

Because of this, cold brew coffee can be produced by any schedule (daily, weekly, or monthly). The coffee is always freshly-brewed.

French press coffee must be refrigerated, though you can use it within a few hours of brewing. In other words, you can only brew while your awake and willing to drink the coffee immediately.  

The fact is, cold brew coffee can be brewed in a French Press just as easily as hot-brewed coffee. In fact, it’s even easier because you don’t have to heat the water.

This is because hot water in the bottom of your French Press will chill the brew as it slowly filters through it.

2. Is French Press coffee hot or cold?

French press coffee is mostly served hot. But unlike other methods of brewing, it is usually drunk piping hot. French press also gives you the option of adding ice to your cup or even drinking it cold. 

The reason why people like drinking their French press cold is not simply because they want to try something new or because they like cold coffee.  

Cold brews tend to be much less bitter, and this makes them a better option for those who don’t like the taste of bitter coffee.

Even though many coffee drinkers don't like the taste of plain hot coffee that is not sweetened, they prefer drinking it hot.  

Coffee lovers also like drinking it without milk or cream because they don’t want to mask the natural flavor of their coffee with flavors from milk products.

Conclusion on How To Keep Your French Press Coffee Hot:

So, to keep the coffee hot, can you reheat French Press coffee? The truth is, while it’s not recommended, you can reheat French Press coffee.

As long as you don’t burn the coffee and make any drastic changes to the taste, you’re okay. I hope you found your answers to questions like “Do insulated French Press coffee makers make better coffee than glass?” and “Is French Press coffee hot or cold?” along with “What’s the difference between cold brew and French press?” in this article. 

By following these steps, you can have your French Press coffee with the same great taste all day. You don’t need to settle for a cup of room temperature coffee when you wake up in the morning because you can enjoy French Press at its ideal temperature. 

Of course, it may take some practice to perfect this way of drinking, but once you learn how hot your French Press coffee makers keep your coffee, it will be like second nature for you.

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