Can You Freeze/ Refrigerate Coffee Mate Creamer: How Long Does It Last

Coffee Mate Creamer

A relishing cup of coffee is all you want in the morning, and when you add some creamer to it, it becomes a cherry on the top. But Can You Freeze Coffee-Mate Creamer? 

So, do you want to know how long coffee mate creamer lasts in the freezer? Do you have to refrigerate Coffee Mate creamer? Are you planning to make bug-out-bag coffee and want to know how long it will last?

Does coffee mate creamer go bad? How do you know if creamer is bad? 

If you want to know the answers to these questions, this article is for you. I will also share tips on how to store your Creamer for longer and how long does Coffee-Mate creamer last in the refrigerator after it has been opened.

Can You Freeze Coffee Mate Creamer – Who Won’t Love To Add Some Creamer To Their Cup Of Happiness? 

And if you are someone who loves to add creamer to their coffee, then you might love to stock them up. You will see a variety of coffee creamer in the store that you can’t resist buying. 

And if you end up stocking them, then you might wonder whether you can freeze them. We have all the correct answers!

Coffee Creamer: What You Need To Know?

Most of us are familiar with the use of creamer in coffee, but not much about what makes them up. It is a powdered material that is usually white or off-white and is made out of milk solids, vegetable oils, artificial flavours for the most part. 

What should I look for in a coffee creamer?

Here are the different kinds of coffee creamers that you can get your hands on:

  • Liquid Dairy Creamers: These are the creamers you usually find in coffee shops or restaurants because they are specially made to whip and dissolve the coffee quickly. 
The main difference between this kind of creamer and the powdered one is that they are generally made with dairy products, whereas powdered creamer tends to have vegetable oils.
  • Liquid Non-Dairy Creamers: As the name implies, these contain non-dairy versions of dairy creamer. Unlike the milk ones, they do not contain milk solids or milk fats. 
Some popular non-dairy creamer brands include Silk Pure Almond Milk Creamer, Soy Dream Non-Dairy Creamer, and Crispy Rice Milk Non-Dairy Creamer.
  • Powdered Creamers: These varieties of creamer are the most common. It is easy to find powdered creamers in any supermarket and can be used to add cold milk. 

It includes the likes of International Delight French Vanilla Creamer, International Delight Caramel Macchiato Creamer, International Delight Peach Mango Creamer, etc.

Other Coffee Condiments:

In addition to these, there are also other coffee condiments such as sugar and cocoa powder. You can use sugar to sweeten your coffee by adding a dash of it. 

On the other hand, cocoa powder is used for making hot cocoa or chocolate mousse. It is what will go on top of your ice cream too.

How Do I Freeze Coffee Creamer? 

So, now we know all about coffee creamer and what to look out for when we buy it. But, here’s the question: Can you freeze coffee mate creamer? 

Well, we guess we already answered that part of the question. Yes, you can freeze coffee creamer!  But, it is to note that it does not affect the taste of your coffee. How long does coffee creamer last in the freezer though? Lets find out!

Here Is The Guide On How To Freeze Coffee Creamer:

Freezing Liquid Coffee Creamers:

To store unopened/new creamer, you can put them in a freezer bag. It is the easiest way to keep. You will need to use three bags: one for your creamer and two more for ice. 

Also, a quarantine note will be required in this step: freeze the milk and cream separately in separate bags. 

The milk and cream used should be of similar weight so that they can freeze equally in time. 

Likewise, do not mix the two when frozen because they could form ice crystals when thawed out. It lasts for nearly 4-6 months. This method is best to use when you have a large amount of creamer to store.

Using Frozen Liquid Creamers:

You do not need to get rid of the remaining creamer in your freezer; you can use it whenever you need it. Here’s how to use frozen coffee creamer:

How long does coffee creamer last in the freezer?

Allow your coffee creamers or creams to thaw according to the time that it needs (check out the packaging). 

Next, remove any residual ice crystals on top of them. Just like when you freeze them, also freeze them in three separate bags at this point. 

Next, pour the thawed creamer into a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. To use, add hot water to it according to the instructions on the pot.

Freezing Powdered Creamers:

You can use powdered creamers for several other purposes too. These are easy to store and handy when you need them. It’s best to store them in small containers like jars or plastic tubs, etc. 

It makes it easier to keep track of the amount of creamer you have left. If there is no lid on the container, use a plastic Ziploc bag for storing them.

The steps are pretty similar to freezing liquid coffee creamer. The only difference comes in the form of the container that you use. Powdered creamer can be stored using a Ziploc bag, as stated above.

The standard storage time is for about three months. However, you should not thaw them in the last two weeks of storage as per the guidelines given above. 

It is best to store your creamer in a cool and dry place. Also, it is best to use them within a year after purchasing them.

Using Frozen Powdered Creamers:

Freezing creamer powder is as simple as storing the unused portion that you have in your freezer. All you need to do is take out your creamer container and then put it in the freezer, as per the instructions given above. 

Will powdered creamer dissolve in cold coffee?
We advise that you place it inside a plastic Ziploc bag as well. When it comes time to use, add hot water to the jar and stir until the powder dissolves.

Bad News Of Freezing Liquid Coffee Creamer – Does coffee mate creamer go bad?

First of all, it is good to know that freezing coffee creamer is an excellent way to preserve the creamer for a long time.

However, there is a slight downside to the benefits you will get from this method, and that's when it comes to safety.

One of the significant problems with freezing liquid creamers is that it may affect the quality of your coffee. 

When you add cold water to your coffee, you add hot water again; you will start with thickening froth. It will cause your coffee to taste awful. Also, your coffee might be lacking in lustre because of the thickening effect.

It could make sense if you are using dairy-based creamers, but what about the non-dairy ones? Well, it turns out that they are also prone to this problem when frozen because they contain soluble water. 

So, when you pour hot water into it, that fat will start to move towards the surface and thicken your coffee. It is not the best thing to do because the coffee will taste like cream and butter.

But, you can avoid this by shaking your creamer before adding it to your coffee. Although these creamer products contain fats and sugars, there are other solids present in them too. 

As a result, shaking them creates air bubbles that are larger than those fat ones. So, instead of creating thickening foam when you add cold water to your coffee, air bubbles will become the thing that thickens it.

So, if you are concerned about the taste, try running hot water through an empty jar with some ice cubes in it. Then add ice cold water to it and then shake. 

For best results, use this method when your creamer is primarily opaque in colour or has a different shade compared to the creamer itself. 

How do you know if creamer is bad?

When you open a container of Coffee-Mate creamer and it smells or looks different, it is time to throw the Coffee-Mate creamer out.

Good News Of Freezing Liquid Coffee Creamer

As you can see, there are some advantages to freezing coffee creamer. It is because the taste of your coffee will remain the same for a more extended period.

Also, your creamer will not become thick like it does when you pour hot water into your frozen coffee.

It means that your frozen creamer is still fresh; it still tastes like cream and sugar without losing its flavour. So the texture of your coffee will remain as it was ever since you first bought it.

It is because when you put it in the freezer, you are simply slowing down the process of freezing. The molecules are not solid at this point.

They are still quite soft, so they go back to their initial state and mix with the water again when you thaw them out. 

Also, adding some room temperature water will ensure that your coffee is not too cold and does not give a sour taste either.

If you do not want your creamer to freeze, you will need to ensure that the temperature remains above the freezing point of water (32°F or 0°C). 

You can do it by putting it in the refrigerator, but it will only prolong the period for about three days. However, you can extend it by putting it in a freezer too.

Tips For Freezing Coffee Creamer Properly

Do you know freezing things can help you save money, time, and effort? We are here to give you some great tips for freezing coffee creamer.

How long does creamer take to freeze?

Here are some tips to consider before freezing coffee creamer:

  • Always start with clean containers, lids, and gloves before handling any of your frozen food. 
  • Always use food-safe gloves while taking your frozen food to prevent any contamination. Do not allow the ice crystals to form on your coffee creamer during storage. 
  • It is best to thaw them overnight in the refrigerator if you are using them within the next couple of days, or else use your microwave to warm them up by small intervals of time.
  • Always use a metal spoon when stirring your coffee creamer to prevent it from sticking to the insides. However, it is best not to use a plastic spoon to melt the frozen coffee creamer.
  • If you are using any of these liquids in your food, then you should consider storing them in an airtight container, while you should store powdered creamer using bags or containers that have tight lids. It will help increase its shelf life for months on end.
  • Lastly, always use the lids on your bags or containers when storing them for optimum results.

Things To Do With Frozen Creamer

Besides freezing, here are some other things that you can do with frozen creamer:

  • Substitute creamer for regular milk in your cooking.
  • Use powdered creamer as a thickening agent for sauces and soups.
  • Use it as a sweetener or substitute sugar in recipes that you want to keep sugar-free.
  • You can also use it as a filling for pastries and cakes, etc.
  • Add it to mousse mixes, icings, and frostings to thicken them up a little bit more.
  • Add it to your family favourite recipes to impart a delicious coffee flavour in them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Find out the most frequently asked questions and their answers about coffee creamer here:

Can You Freeze Coffee Mate Creamer?

Yes! You can do it. For example, you can freeze coffee creamer in ice cube trays and then use it as you usually would.

What Can I Use Instead Of Coffee Creamer?

You can use vanilla, sugar or even milk as substitutes for better results.

How Can I Defrost Coffee Creamer Safely?

You can always use your freezer. However, it might take a while to defrost, and that is why we recommend that you consider using your microwave.

How do you know if creamer is bad?

If your creamer has a peculiar smell to it, has a strange taste in your mouth, or if you notice any foul odour with it, then it is time to toss the creamer. It is best not to use any of these items in your food.

Do I Need To Freeze Coffee Creamer?

Yes! It is always wise to freeze your creamers as it will help you defrost them whenever you need them! In addition, it helps extend their shelf life significantly.

Do you have to refrigerate Coffee Mate creamer?

Yes, if you want to keep it fresh. Coffee creamer should be kept in a dry, dark place. If you store it in the refrigerator, in an opaque or metal can that protects it from light, then you must shake it well before using it and keep it no longer than two to four weeks.

How long does coffee creamer last in the freezer?

Freezing does not shorten the shelf life of Coffee Mate creamers, it actually has a positive effect on your product.

The reason for this is because Freezing does two things to your creamers. It keeps them fresh longer and it also stops the separation that can occur when you are storing creamers at room temperature. 

If you have ever owned a container of Coffee Mate creamer and noticed that it separated, you can simply stir it up before using and this will not affect the flavor.

A frozen coffee creamer lasts as long as a canned one, usually a little longer. To freeze Coffee Mate creamers simply put them in freezing bags, and place in the freezer. The bags can be purchased at most grocery stores or at Wal-Mart.

Does coffee mate creamer go bad?

Yes, just like all dairy products, your coffee Mate can eventually expire and go bad. This can be a year or more after the best by date printed on the package.

I know this may seem odd but Coffee Mate does not spoil like other dairy products may do. The creamers may develop an unappealing odor and taste over time so you will definitely want to throw out your creamers when this happens.

Conclusion: Can You Freeze Coffee Mate Creamer?

Finally, freezing coffee creamer comes with the goodness of saving money. Just freeze your coffee creamer in ice cube trays and then use it when you need it. It will help you save a lot of money and reduce food spoilage in your household. 

However, it is best to always use the freezing method for coffee creamer if it is something that you tend to run out of regularly. 

Freezing your creamer will help you save money and keep your creamers fresh for more extended periods.

So, I hope we have answered all your questions like , " How long does coffee creamer last in the freezer?", "Does coffee mate creamer go bad?", and "Do you have to refrigerate Coffee Mate creamer?"

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