De’Longhi EC702 Espresso Maker Review

De'Longhi EC702 Espresso Maker Review

When you want to make the perfect espresso, then a coffee maker is essential.

There are a variety of reasons, from espresso to cappuccino and iced coffee. De’Longhi has a particular style of coffee maker for you. 

The De'Longhi EC702 espresso machine is a complete machine that allows you to prepare just as quickly as possible, which prevents the coffee from being watered down. 

In addition, the device features a milk frother that froths milk for cappuccino and many other uses. This article will review various features of this particular model and give our overall opinion of the product.

About the De’Longhi EC702 Espresso Maker

De’Longhi EC702 espresso maker takes the hassle out of making perfect cappuccinos and lattes. It’s the only machine we know of that’s both pump-driven and 15 bars, so it’s always going to make you a better cup of coffee. 

How do you use a DeLonghi ec702 15 bar pump espresso maker?
The EC702 also has a self-priming feature, so you don't have to worry about cleaning the appliance. And with its patented filter holder, you can use either coffee pods or ground coffee, meaning you don't have to bother with measuring your ingredients. 

You can even make a latte in this machine, and it comes with an automatic frother. There’s also a 44-ounce removable water tank for you to store your water in.

And with a water level indicator, you'll never lose track of how much water you have left in your tank.



The DeLonghi EC702 is constructed of stainless steel and aluminium in various parts. In any case, these are high-quality materials that contribute to long-term durability.

When it comes to espresso machines, they are more expensive than standard brewing systems. It is why it is always preferable to choose quality above price. What about the EC702? You get high quality at a low cost! 

The stainless steel boiler is of satisfactory quality. The machine’s exterior and other sections that come into touch with pressure and heat are stainless steel. De Longhi is well-versed in handling critical details. The EC702 suffers from the same flaws.


The brewing process with an EC702 is straightforward. This espresso machine comes with a self-priming feature, which means that the device handles all of the prep work for you, and you don’t have to bother about start functions before you start brewing your actual espresso.

Pump Driven

This pump-driven machine provides 15 bar pressure to extract espresso with rich crema from coffee beans.

Patented Filter Holder

The dual function holder allows you to utilize ground coffee or pods. Each has its value. Using a pod saves you time by eliminating the need to grind the coffee, tamp it, and clean up any spills from the potholder. 

It is a simple but effective alternative if you don't want to know how fine the coffee grinds are and what kinds of espresso beans you use.


All you have to do to use the self-priming feature is switch on the “Preheat” button. Attach the holder to the machine and fill it with ground coffee or a pod.

When the "OK" light turns green, press the "Brew" button to capture the image. For one cup, you'd need roughly 0.24 ounces of ground coffee or 0.42 ounces for two cups. 

This model does not have an auto-on/off feature. When the first shot is finished, you must hit the “Brew” button again to stop it. Then, to manufacture more, repeat the process.


Fill the pitcher with 3.5 ounces of milk, regular, 2 percent, or skim, your choice. Wait for the light to turn on after pressing the “Steam” button.

Put the pitcher on top of the frother. Turn the steam knob counter-clockwise for at least a half-turn before dipping the tip into the milk. 

Some individuals use a thermometer to determine 140 degrees Fahrenheit, while others rely solely on the heat on the bottom of the pitcher.

Other features

This model, like the EC155, includes a built-in warming plate to warm up the cups before preparing an espresso.

It is advised to leave the cups for 15 to 20 minutes. Many individuals also use hot water to warm up the cup. The tray is actively heated rather than passively warmed.

This espresso machine includes a tamper right near to the group heads. While it’s useful, many people prefer to use a separate tamper because it is made of plastic and doesn’t do the job correctly.

Taste of coffee

The EC702 provides a little extra-special crema, and it doesn’t leave ground coffee in the filter holder. While the EC702 doesn’t feature a cleaning indicator, it can disperse water through the group heads to clean itself every 40 to 50 uses.

Accessories Included

A user manual, a coffee scoop, and a bottle of descaler included with the purchase. 

Accessory Options

Some customers who purchased this equipment also ordered a stainless steel tamper with a 50mm diameter to help with tamping.

In addition to some short espresso cups, a 20-ounce milk pitcher is required for frothing (about 2.5 inches in height).


Make sure to wipe the group heads, drip tray, and frothing wand after each usage. If you want to keep your machine looking nice, wipe off the exterior with a moist cloth.

After roughly 200 espressos, you should clean the boiler outlet, the filter holder and do some descaling, especially if you live in a hard water location. 

The User Manual contains detailed advice on how to clean and what cleaning supplies to use.


The EC702 is available for around $230. 


  • The stainless steel boiler is well-built and long-lasting.
  • It is pump-driven rather than steam-driven, allowing for more uniform shots with appropriate coffee extraction.
  • The dual filter holder allows you to brew espresso from ground coffee or espresso pods.
  • The removable 44-ounce water tank is situated on the side for convenient access.
  • For a compact espresso machine like this one, the drip tray is quite large.
  • It’s simple to use, with only a few buttons and indicator lights.
  • The case is composed of stainless steel, making it easy to clean and more fashionable.
  • When frothing, the pitcher is held in position by the clip on the frothing wand.
  • The cup warming tray on top is a huge plus.


  • The built-in tamper is challenging to reach and does not do adequate tamping justice. If you want to have a better-tasting espresso, you should get a separate tamper.
  • Taller cups will struggle to fit due to the 2.75″ cup clearance.
  • The basket in the filter holder is not designed to be locked in place. Instead, turn the lever up to keep the basket in position as you dump the used coffee.

Customer reviews

While many customers were pleased with the quality of the espresso produced, there was some minor dissatisfaction.

How do I clean my DeLonghi ec702 espresso machine?
Some say that the machine takes too long to make espresso, while others claim it is too hard to brew a good shot successfully. 

In addition, only around 30 percent of customers reported that the machine worked properly after the first use.

Some people believe that the water path is too narrow and causes operations problems, such as over-extraction. 

Others claim that it is not functional. There are some complaints about the heating element not working correctly. 

The boiler must reach about 205 degrees Fahrenheit during operation, but some report it getting as low as 169 degrees Fahrenheit.


If you’re looking for something similar to the EC702 but with more control, the Bialetti Mukka Express is an alternative.

In terms of durability, the DeLonghi EC702 outperforms its pricing!

The De’Longhi EC702 is priced around $200, making it more expensive than most coffee makers on the market. 

However, it is well worth every penny because this Delonghi espresso coffee maker has features and technology that are almost too fantastic to be true. 

The pieces are composed of incredibly durable stainless steel, allowing you to brew hundreds of cups of your favourite beverage over several years.

It is one of the best coffee makers for brewing back-to-back cups of cappuccinos in record time when you have visitors around. You won't have to wait for hours to brew coffee with this model in your kitchen. 

The best feature of this coffee maker is that it has automatic pressure and temperature adjustments, allowing you to brew coffee precisely how you want it.


Overall, this espresso machine is a good choice for anyone who wants a compact device that produces excellent.

The filters are easy to clean and can be used to brew both espresso and coffee. It has a water-based boiler, which means it works well in a complicated water environment. 

Keep it dry and wipe off the exterior periodically for a great look and a high-quality brew for its longest life span.


As a replacement, what size tamper should I get?

51mm tamper will suffice.

Is it suitable for serving guests?

We think so. Although its boiler can take up to ten minutes to heat all of the water in the reservoir, subsequent shots only take a few seconds. It allows you to brew numerous shots quickly between refills.

Is it better to froth hot or cold milk?

The frother includes a steaming function. So, for the best results, always start with cold milk.

Is the Delonghi EC702 a noisy machine?

Because this is a pump machine, some noise is to be expected. However, only a tiny percentage of people find its noise output to be overbearing.

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