Coffee creamer- How To Use It In Place Of Milk

Coffee creamer

Milk is a well-known ingredient in many delectable dishes all over the world.

These dishes are delicious, but they need a little something to take them from ‘very good to ‘gourmet.’ 

That's where coffee creamer comes in as an easy (and tasty) way to make any dish feel like a gourmet feast. 

Coffee creamer is both delicious and beneficial, but it is typically high in saturated fat. If you’re trying to reduce your dairy intake or are lactose intolerant, there are some simple ways to substitute coffee creamers for milk in your morning brew. 

First, let's learn more about coffee creamers!

What is Coffee Creamer?

What is the purpose of creamer in coffee?

Coffee creamer is a liquid substance that can add some excellent flavour to your coffee. As a result, you can make some great cold and hot beverages, the most common in coffee or tea. Coffee creamers range from simple to complex. 

The simplest form of coffee creamer is plain, unsweetened whole milk or half and a half (a combination of whole milk and cream). These straight creamer options are not very sweet and will add a subtle flavour to coffee. 

Coffee creamers come in a variety of flavours, each with its own set of ingredients. These creamers can be sugar-free or fat-free, and they can also be powdered or flavoured. They are typically available as coffee powders or refrigerated liquids. 

These coffee creamers can be kept in a variety of ways. Things like refrigeration or freezing keep them fresh, but the most common way that most families keep them is in the pantry. 

How to Use Coffee Creamer in Place of Milk

Let’s look at the different ways you can use coffee creamer to substitute milk in your coffee! 

Use it in your chocolate or coffee drinks

Coffee creamer adds a creamy texture to your morning brew. You can substitute it with milk in any coffee-based beverage, including mochas, cappuccinos, and iced coffees. 

However, you must check the ingredient list for dairy or gluten additives if you use flavoured creamers. You can also use coffee creamer in any hot beverage. 

For example, add a tablespoon of coffee creamer into your hot chocolate and whip it up to add even more taste to your day! 

You can make a creamy soup

Make a creamy soup with coffee creamer and your favourite vegetables and spices. You can add coffee creamers as the base for any soup that calls for milk or cream. Just remember to avoid any creamers with additives like stabilizers or added dairy. 

What kinds of cream soups are there?

Make creamy sauces

You can make sauces with the addition of coffee creamer. It is an excellent way to make sauces like white sauce or hollandaise, typically made with milk by default.

Just let the sauce heat for a few minutes until it thickens; you can also add another thickening agent like cornstarch to help it along! 

Create a healthy breakfast with hot cereals

Coffee creamer can be a great addition to hot cereals like oatmeal and quinoa. If you want to make a classic oatmeal breakfast, add some coffee creamer and cinnamon.

You might want to add some other spices as well if you plan on eating savoury breakfasts! 

Use it in your pasta recipes

Pasta sauces are typically made with milk, but you can substitute your coffee creamer when making sauces like Alfredo or cream sauces.

These sauces usually consist of butter or oil, flour, and milk or cream. Replace the milk with your favourite brand of coffee creamer to make an easy pasta dish. 

Use it in your baking recipes!

Coffee creamer can substitute milk in many baking recipes that call for milk or cream. These include batter-based items like cakes and muffins.

Just add about a teaspoon of coffee creamer to your recipe's measuring cup for every egg called for in the recipe. 

Try adding cream cheese or white chocolate chips to your cake buttermilk Bundt cake to make it even cheesier! 

Pour some creamer over fresh fruits

You can pour coffee creamer over fresh fruit. Try to pair heavier fruits with creamers that have more robust flavours, like vanilla or caramel.

Marinate the fruit with the coffee creamer to infuse them with flavour before adding them to your food. 

You can even add whipped cream or sprinkled chocolate curls to your fruit and cream combo for a decadent treat. 

Add creamer to mashed potatoes

You can add coffee creamers to mashed potatoes to give them that extra creaminess. Try using heavy creamers, like caramel or hazelnut, for added flavour.

Keep it low fat by replacing half the amount of creamer with skim milk to make it healthier!  

Use it in your marinades.

Add creamers along with your seasonings to your favourite marinade recipe to give it a creamy texture and added flavour. 

Then, try mixing them with soy sauce and ginger to make a classic teriyaki glaze for meats like chicken or pork. You can also mix them up with honey and your favourite spices for a delicious BBQ sauce! 

You can make smoothies out of it!

You can use coffee creamer as a substitute for yoghurt or dairy in a smoothie. You can mix it with berries, bananas, and your favourite juice! 

Can you can cream based soups?
Also, try making a rich smoothie with heavy creamers, like vanilla or hazelnut. Then, start with apple juice and banana for a sweet blend of flavours! 

Use it in home-made popsicles

Popcorn is always more exciting when you add a bit of creamer to it. Try adding creamers to your popcorn at home for a more savoury treat.

Then, add vanilla, hazelnut or caramel to get that extra flavour that makes these treats delicious! 

How is creamer different from milk?

Because it contains more sugar, coffee creamer is generally sweeter than regular milk. It also has a higher fat content, making it creamier than regular milk. Depending on the artificial flavourings, they can come in a variety of flavours. 

If you prefer a nutty flavour, you can select macadamia or hazelnut coffee creamer. If you like a more robust coffee flavour, you can choose cafe latte or caramel coffee creamer. 

How much creamer can you use in coffee?

The amount of creamer you can use in your coffee is totally up to you. But, as a general rule, most people only put about half a cup of coffee creamer into their coffee. It is because too much creamer can overpower the flavour and be too sweet. 

Of course, you can add more to your coffee if it's still sweet for you, but remember that you will be adding more sugar and fat to your diet! 

Can you use creamer and water as milk?

Of course you can! Since coffee creamer is just milk and sugar, it works the same in your coffee as regular milk would work.

Just make sure you shake the bottle well before using it if you want to get out even more of the sugar crystals that are left after you open it up. It also helps if you store it in a cool place while it’s being opened so the sugar doesn’t crystalize.

Can you use coffee mate for milk?

Yes, you can! Coffee mate is just a brand name for coffee creamer that comes in a container. The only variance between them is the brand name.

The actual ingredients are exactly the same and you can use coffee mate as a substitute for milk in your recipes or when making your coffee!

What can I use in place of milk in a recipe?

You can use coffee creamer in place of milk in your recipes. And, like milk, it is a great substitute for making creamy sauces and desserts.

You can also add creamers to your hot cereal or even add them to your mashed potatoes! If you don’t want the extra sugar that comes with most creamers, you can make homemade coffee creamer by mixing unsweetened almond milk with a sugar alternative like stevia.

Can you substitute coffee creamer for milk in French toast?

Of course you can, you can also use creamers to make French toast batter for your favourite kind of bread. The only thing you want to be careful about is not adding more sugar than the recipe calls for.

Since creamer is already sweetened, you don’t want to add more sugar so it will be too sweet. You can just add regular milk to the coffee creamer instead of using creamer in your French toast batter or sauce.

Can you substitute dry creamer for milk?

You can use dry coffee creamer in place of milk in many recipes. Since it is merely sugar, it can be used to replace regular milk in most recipes.

You just have to remember that creamer has more sugar than regular milk so you have to decrease the amount of sugar used to compensate for the more sugar included in the recipe.

Can I use coffee creamer instead of milk for mac and cheese?

Of course you can! Just follow the same steps you would use to make your favorite mac and cheese recipe. You can even add a bit of coffee creamer to the secret ingredient list and it will be a hit at your next party or family gathering!

Can I use creamer instead of milk for latte?

Yes, you can! Just make sure that you add the coffee creamer to your espresso machine and that you remove the used coffee creamer from your coffee pot after all of your coffee has been brewed.

You can also use coffee creamer as a substitute for milk in making lattes and frappes at home.

Can I use coffee creamer instead of milk for hot chocolate?

Of course you can! Just heat up your favorite hot chocolate with coffee creamer and your hot chocolate will be perfect for the whole family.

Also, if you use it for ice cream, it will make it extra creamy!


If you’re looking to add a bit of flavour and creaminess to your coffee with less fat and sugar, then coffee creamer can be a great way to do that. 

However, remember that some flavoured coffee creamers can contain gluten and additives like sodium benzoate, which is used for its preservative qualities in foods and medications. 

If possible, look for coffee creamers that are naturally sweetened or use sweeteners like honey or real maple syrup in their ingredients list. 

Have you tried your hand at making your coffee creamer? Was it easy or hard? Let us know in the comments below! We love hearing from you guys.

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