Best Coffee For Moka Pot: Lavazza & Illy (Best Beans & Ground Coffee)

Choosing the best coffee for Moka pot can be a daunting task, with many varieties and tastes available. But which one is right for you?

There are several types of coffee available to choose from, and the reason for this is the many different roasting and grinding processes used in preparing the coffee. 

The processing of the coffee naturally changes the flavour significantly, which is quite different from how the coffee will taste when brewed with a Moka pot.

Moka pots were first invented in Italy in 1929 by engineer and inventor Alfonso Bialetti and soon became a staple kitchen appliance in many households.

It is believed that 80% of Italian households own a Moka Pot. They are available both at big-box hardware stores and online. 

A Moka pot makes the best espresso. But which coffees are the finest for a Moka pot? There are many different coffee beans to pick from, confusing. So, many people avoid buying coffee because they’re not sure what to choose.

This article will help you choose the best beans for Moka pot and the best ground coffee for moka pot( For eg. Lavazza coffee for moka pot or illy coffee for moka pot) and give you a few tips for helping the coffee you buy taste even better.

What Is The Best Grind For A Moka Pot?

The best ground coffee for Moka pot needs to be ground very finely. Very coarse grounds don’t dissolve well in the water and may end up clogging the bottom of the pot, ruining your brew.

Also, if the ground is too fine, it may cause water to back up through your coffee grounds into the top part of your Moka pot, which could result in a spill. 

The best grind is a medium-fine grind and should look like sea salt. The coffee will start to float when you pour it into the pot, any more refined than that.

What Kind Of Coffee Can You Use In A Moka Pot?

You can brew any coffee in a Moka pot, but the type of coffee you use will determine how strong your coffee will taste. You should choose various coffee beans with different roasted flavours for the best results. 

Try using other beans when making your Moka pot, as each variety has its unique taste. Also, some coffees are better suited for poured-over brew methods like drip and french press, while others make better espresso. 

Moka pot coffee drinkers often prefer a darker roast of coffee, as the Moka pot provides a more mild-bodied and flavorful cup of coffee.

However, you can choose between dark roasts, medium roasts or a blend of them both to find the flavour you prefer. 

Let Us Now Look Specifically At Some Different Types Of Coffee That You Can Use In Your Moka Pot!

Lavazza Espresso Italiano Whole Bean Coffee Blend

The Lavazza Coffee for moka pot is a rich, medium-bodied blend of 100 percent Arabica coffee beans from Central and South America.

The Italiano Whole Bean Coffee is blended and roasted in Italy, and the aroma is intense. 

It is best used for espresso but can be used in any coffee maker. This package contains 100% Pure Arabica Coffee Beans and is offered by Lavazza in a 1-pound bag.


  • Rich and full-bodied
  • Produces rich espresso that is on par with higher priced coffees
  • Excellent for those who like a more pungent coffee taste


  • May have an earthy or sour taste to some people (this is normal, however, and not necessarily a bad thing)

Lavazza Qualita Oro Ground Coffee for moka pot Blend

The Lavazza “Qualita Oro” blend is a favourite among serious coffee enthusiasts, and for a good reason. It has a whole body and robust flavour that is pleasing to most everyone who drinks it. While it can be used in various ways, it is best enjoyed straight from the cup. 

All coffee drinkers should know that coffee loses its flavour quickly when exposed to air. 

The “best before” date will tell you how long you can wait between drinking the contents and enjoying the full taste.


  • Very strong and produces a rich, full-bodied espresso
  • Medium roast with a delightful, aromatic flavour
  • This Lavazza coffee for moka pot is a favourite coffee choice among coffee connoisseurs worldwide


  • Like all ground coffee, this can have a slightly earthy taste to some people.

Death Wish Coffee Dark Roast

Death Wish Coffee is known for its bold and powerful coffees, and now they’ve created a line of dark roast ground coffees that are so good, they make other milder coffees taste weak by comparison. 

Their Dark Roast line features a robust blend of organic Arabica and Robusta beans from around the world to give you a truly satisfying cup of coffee.

It is coffee you can enjoy all day long, and it tastes great hot or iced. So grab a bag to go, or brew up a pot at home and see for yourself why Death Wish Coffee is the most robust coffee in the world.


  • Best tasting and most intense dark roast coffee available in the market
  • Smells amazing and one of the best coffee for moka pots!
  • Priced well and affordable
  • Freshness means a lot to the coffee drinkers, so if it’s fresh, it’s better.
  • You can make the best coffee for moka pots using this blend of coffee beans.


  • If you don’t like strong coffee, this is not for you.

Mondo Moka Ground Coffee

Mondo Ground Coffee for moka pot is a 100% Arabica blend roasted in a family-owned roastery in Europe since 1998.

The company sources only from the most reliable farms worldwide and uses premium machinery and packaging materials for all its products. 

As a result, it ensures their coffee keeps its natural flavour and aroma. Their premium packaging also helps the coffee maintain freshness and quality for extended periods.


  • Very fresh and authentic
  • Great for giving you that solid liqueur flavour
  • Very high-quality product.
  • Easy to find, can be purchased as part of a set
  • Great packaging is high quality and recyclable
  • Has a great taste; it is a very smooth cup of coffee 


  • It can take some playing around with the grind to get it right since it is more delicate than usual. But once you’ve found the right grind, it is okay.

Aromistico Roma Blend

The aroma of this premium gourmet coffee will awaken your senses and transport you to a place of serenity and harmony.

The earthy notes of the Arabica beans provide a smooth and mellow base for the nutty, fruity flavours of the Robusta beans. 

So savour every sip of this aromatic coffee and experience the true joys of coffee drinking. This premium gourmet coffee is roasted to perfection, packaged in a resealable bag and ready to brew. Enjoy it black, light cream or sweetened. It’s up to you!


  • The aroma is amazing
  • The coffee is smooth and creamy and tastes great
  • Great to use for iced coffee


  • The grind may be too coarse for some people; this can cause clogging issues with the filter basket of your maker. Grind the beans in a more delicate setting to fix this problem.

Great Basin Coffee Company Lone Peak Espresso

The Great Basin Coffee Company is a great American company that grows and roasts its coffee beans in small batches and ships them to Amazon weekly to ensure freshness. 

Their coffee is made with speciality-grade arabica gourmet coffee beans from Columbia, Brazil, and India for a complete, well-balanced flavour profile with a smooth finish.


  • A medium-dark roast with a bold mouthfeel offers a sweet fruity finish
  • Great for those who like dark coffee with a smooth aftertaste
  • The roasting process is done in 8 different recipes, and a few variables are changed to achieve an even more intense flavour profile
  • Great taste and comes in a wide range of flavours from dark roast, medium roast, and light roast
  • Customers love it; they raved that it’s the best they have ever tasted.


  • It is a tad too intense for some people.

Equator Coffees & Teas Jaguar Espresso

Equator Coffee has been creating unique gourmet coffees and teas since 1976. The company sources only the highest quality ingredients and crafts its products using traditional, time-tested methods.

The result is a wide variety of award-winning coffees and teas that deliver great taste and value. 

All Equator products are made with entirely natural ingredients and are free of artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, and sweeteners. It means no jingles, no chemical aftertastes, and a pure, satisfying taste every time.


  • Light roast, dark flavour
  • Whole bean, high quality
  • Gives a rich, full-bodied espresso that tastes great
  • Great consistency. Brews just as the last batch did.


  • For some people, the coffee has a slightly bitter taste; others enjoy it. It is very subjective and will vary from person to person. 

Cuvée Coffee, Karmadillo

Karmadillo Coffee has crafted a line of gourmet, small-batch coffees that will leave you in awe. They have created a company focused on the best cup of coffee with a deep commitment to sustainability, social and environmental responsibility, and a dedication to excellence. 

All Karmadillo coffees are 100% Arabica, roasted fresh, direct trade, and produced using 100% natural and renewable energy.

They are a member of Fair Trade USA and work with some of the most sustainable farmers in the world. Their coffees are also fair trade certified, which means their farmers receive a higher price per pound than the conventional coffee market.


  • Dark by name but not by nature
  • Flavours from Central and South America
  • A smooth, full-bodied coffee with a rich taste that is a joy to drink.
  • Has a beautiful flavour; it has a deep chocolate flavour at the end of the cup. 


  • It is expensive

Illy Classico Ground Drip Coffee

The illy Coffee for moka pot is set in stone in a world where technology and design are ever-evolving.

The company's roots date back more than 80 years ago when the founders were among the first to recognize the value of coffee. Today, illy still draws on this legacy as the world's premium brand of coffee and espresso makers. 

Illy continues its tradition of innovation, quality, and sustainability. Illy was also named on Ethisphere’s list for the seventh consecutive year, among just a handful of honorees in the beverage industry, highlighting illy’s achievement of leading with integrity.


  • Illy coffee for moka pot is a versatile coffee that can be enjoyed for either having with a meal or as an afternoon pick-me-up
  • Great packaging
  • Comes with a scoop so you can get the right amount out
  • Goes down smooth and tastes great with every sip.
  • A great way to enjoy your coffee is as an Espresso; this has a great taste when brewed like this. 


  • Some people find the price to be a bit steep.

Bialetti Coffee, Moka Ground, Dark Roast, Napoli, Italy

Bialetti has been producing great coffee in Napoli (Naples) since 1884. The secret to their success is simple: They only use the highest-quality Arabica beans they can find.

In addition, they roast their coffee immediately after harvest and grind it fresh every day. It gives the coffee a unique flavour that other coffee makers unmatch. 


  • Great for an Italian espresso


  • It isn’t enjoyable

Boyd’s French No. 6 Coffee

French No. 6 Coffee is an award-winning coffee created by a third-generation family-owned roaster. The roasting process begins with an intense cold roast, followed by a gentle second roast to bring out the full flavour profile. 

The final roast completes the process, adding a bit of smoke to bring out the full complexity. French No. 6 is available in two varieties: French Roast and American Roast.


  • A great coffee to drink black
  • It is good to take it for breakfast
  • A vibrant coffee with a mildly sweet flavour.


  • Some people find the aftertastes a bit strong

Mayorga Organics Café Cubano

MAYORGA is committed to providing only the highest quality products and customer service, which is why they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on any purchase you make from them. 

They also guarantee their coffee is “roasted to perfection.” Their guarantee is simple: If you are not happy with the quality of the product, MAYORGA will send a new product to you, or you will get your money back. It’s as easy as that.


  • An excellent product for someone who is looking for a more traditional Cuban espresso
  • Great consistency.
  • Kosher certified


  • Some people say this blend tastes burnt after it has cooled down.

Many people ask, “how do I choose best beans for Moka pot?” Well, you need to know some specific factors to help you choose the best coffee beans on the market. With that being said, here are the most important things to look at in coffee beans. 


As you know, the faster your coffee grinds are, the quicker the water seeps into it. The more coarsely ground coffee beans are, the faster they absorb water and brew more quickly.

Also, finely ground coffee beans mean a longer brewing time which can be dangerous if you are not careful. 

The best way to get a consistent grind is to use a burr grinder with coarse settings and then adjust it if necessary with a more refined setting until you achieve the right texture.


It is essential to look at where the coffee beans are coming from. Most coffee beans purchased at your local market will come from places like Colombia and Brazil. Still, other countries also produce excellent quality beans, such as Ethiopia, India, Jamaica and Costa Rica. 

If you want to be serious about finding the best coffee for Moka pots, you should stick with countries with a lot of history in producing high-quality coffees.


You want to choose coffee beans with a moisture percentage of around 12% to 13%. The ideal water to use is filtered. Filtered water is the purest and tastiest type of water that you can use in your Moka pot.

Arabica Or Robusta Beans

If you are starting on the Moka pot and have not had time to learn about the beans you choose for your Moka pot, it is best to look for Arabica beans.

The reason being Arabica beans are cheaper, have a higher level of caffeine and provide more flavour.


You also have to look at the flavour of the coffee bean because it will impact how your Moka pot will taste when it brews.

There are a lot of unique and different flavours to choose from, such as light chocolate, dark chocolate and even the more bitter taste of espresso. 

Remember that the darker the roast, the weaker it will be when brewed in your Moka pot.

Conclusion:Best coffee for moka pot

So you have read through all the tips above. When it comes down to it, as long as you’re using the best coffee for your Moka pot, it will turn out delicious.

However, if you choose the wrong coffee, it can wreak havoc on your taste buds and cause more than just a bad taste in your mouth.

Choosing the best beans for moka pot like the Lavazza coffee for moka pots and the illy coffee for moka pots, which will definitely increase your chances of having a good cup of coffee!

The best thing to do is to read a few reviews and then choose the best ground coffee for moka pot that looks the most appealing.

You can always make sure you’re getting a good deal by purchasing from different online retailers. In the end, it’s all about finding out which coffee beans you prefer and letting your taste take over!


What Size Of The Moka Pot Should I Use?

The size of the Moka pot you use will directly affect how much coffee you can brew at once and if it will be enough for all of your guests. You can choose from three sizes when purchasing a Moka pot. 

The smallest of the three is a 3-cup capacity, allowing 3 cups of coffee to be brewed. Therefore, it is best used for one or two cups of coffee at a time. Next, you can decide to go with a 6-cup Moka pot which will make up to 6 cups of coffee at one time. 

Lastly, the largest size you want to choose is the 9-cup Moka pot which can brew up to 9 cups of coffee at once.

How To Grind Beans For A Moka Pot?

There are many different ways to grind your coffee for your Moka pot. However, the best way to achieve a consistent grind is to use a burr grinder.

Burr grinders give you more control over your grind size and will help to bring out the best flavour from your coffee beans.

How Much Pressure Should There Be During Brewing?

When brewing with a Moka pot, you have to ensure enough pressure to push the water through the coffee filter and into your cup.

The exact amount of force needed will depend on the size of your Moka pot and any specific features that you want. 

However, the general rule is to be at least 22 pounds of pressure. Just follow the instructions on your particular Moka pot to get it right.

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