Best Coffee Creamer For Lactose Intolerance

Coffee Creamer For Lactose

Lactose intolerance is a relatively common and poorly understood digestive disorder.

Lactose intolerant people cannot digest lactose sugar found in milk and dairy products, which leads to bloating, gas, stomach cramps and diarrhoea. 

In addition, as people age, their bodies gradually produce less lactase, an enzyme needed to digest milk products. Therefore, lactose intolerance is most common in adolescents and older adults.

However, in about 30% of adults aged 20 or older, the symptoms of lactose intolerance are present but mild enough to allow consumption of up to 12 grams of lactose per meal with few or no symptoms.

So, if you are lactose intolerant, you must be thinking about what lactose-free creamer alternatives work best with your coffee. There are several lactose-free creamers on the market, but many of them can cause stomach upset. 

In addition, not all of them are made from vegetable or soy ingredients, so it’s essential to know whether you can safely use these products in your coffee or not. 

So, let's talk about the best creamers for lactose intolerance.

Alternative non-dairy creamer choices for lactose intolerance:

For those who are lactose intolerant and like to drink coffee, there are several options for non-dairy creamers.

These options can be divided into primarily soy-based, vegetable-based, and those containing a combination of soy and vegetable ingredients.

Califia Farms Better Half Coffee Creamer

Califia Farms Better Half Coffee Creamer is close to dairy half and half, but it contains better-for-you ingredients.

It's delicious for anyone who wants a healthy alternative to dairy milk or half and half, but it's even better when paired with a cup of hot coffee, which helps to reduce your daily caffeine intake. 

It’s also free of trans fats, and we know you’re not going to find those in vegan or non-dairy coffee creamers.

Elmhurst Original Hemp Creamer

The only thing better than a great cup of coffee is an excellent cup of coffee with a bit of bonus, like being able to sip on it without a mess. 

For years, Elmhurst's non-dairy creamer was a good option for people who prefer to avoid milk and cream. 

But after some recent changes, Elmhurst is proud to bring back the original Hemp Creamer with a new and improved formula that makes drinking coffee a pleasure.

The original Hemp Creamer used just 1% hemp oil to create a rich, creamy creamer with an excellent flavour profile. 

Now, Elmhurst has upgraded its technology and made it even more delicious. In addition, hemp oil is a rich source of Omega 3 ALA fatty acids, which benefits the heart, brain, joints, and skin.

nutpods Unsweetened and Dairy Free Coffee Creamer 

Nutpods’ products are wholesome, non-dairy and non-GMO foods made from the finest organic nuts and ingredients. 

Our goal is to empower consumers with the knowledge to make their own food choices ethnically and economically. 

In addition, we strive to support local farmers and communities by creating more sustainable and organic farming practices.

So Delicious Dairy-Free Coconutmilk Creamer 

At first glance, the So Delicious Dairy-Free Coconutmilk Creamer seems like any other non-dairy creamer—but it’s so much more than just a healthier alternative. It’s a versatile product that can be used in various beverages and recipes. 

For example, you can use it topping on cereal, a chocolate coating, or even a cooking substitute for milk and butter. 

The coconut milk creamer is available in various flavours, including Coconut Milk, Original, Almond, Mango Coconut, Chocolate, Caramel, Coffee, and Vanilla.

Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Creamer Almond

Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Creamer Almond is an ideal replacement for dairy-based creamers. It’s a non-dairy alternative that tastes great in your favourite coffees or hot drinks and contains no GMOs, no preservatives, no artificial flavours, or additives. 

It is made from real almond milk and has a natural vanilla extract from Madagascar vanilla beans. In addition, it is gluten-free and vegan. No other product can claim to be as pure and natural as this one.

Silk Vanilla Almond Creamer

Infused with vanilla and almonds, Silk’s Vanilla Almond Creamer is the new best friend to any cup of coffee or tea.

With 25 calories per serving, this dairy-free creamer has the perfect amount of sweet vanilla flavour that will make your next beverage the best it can be.

Good Karma Unsweetened Flaxmilk 

Good Karma Unsweetened Flaxmilk is a creamy, delicious milk substitute made using nutritious flaxseed. It is an excellent alternative to other plant-based milk like almond milk, oat milk and soy milk. It is free from dairy, nuts, and soy. 

Good Karma Unsweetened Flaxmilk is an excellent milk substitute for people who follow a plant-based diet or need to limit dairy or other milk allergies. 

It’s delicious, creamy, and delicious. Try it for breakfast, with cereal, smoothies, and overnight oats, or on its own.

Laird Superfood Turmeric Coffee Creamer 

Superfood Coffee Creamer by Laird is a non-dairy alternative that offers a variety of delicious flavours in a convenient powdered form.

It is one of the best organic coffee creamers on the market. It's also gluten-free, vegan, soy-free, and non-GMO. 

It contains coconut milk powder and turmeric, proven to be good for your health, and it doesn’t taste artificial. 

To add a little extra flavour, you can use this as a base for your favourite milk, like almond milk, cashew milk, or hemp milk. It's also great in baked goods, smoothies, tea, coffee, and hot cocoa.

Coconut Cloud Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer with MCT Oil 

Dairy-free creamers, while incredibly popular with the vegan and dairy-sensitive community, don’t always live up to the expectations of those who want to make a nutritious choice. That’s where Coconut Cloud steps in. 

A plant-based powdery creamer with MCT oil, coconut milk, and protein powders, the company's new product was developed in partnership with the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) to deliver a premium, high-quality, and genuinely plant-based option.

Nutiva Organic MCT Creamer

Nutiva Organic MCT Creamer is a delicious and healthful replacement for refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.

The MCTs in Nutiva's organic coconut creamers contain medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), a form of fat that the body metabolizes more quickly than other fats, resulting in a fast release of energy. 

The MCTs can be absorbed directly by the body’s cells, giving you energy for up to four hours without the adverse side effects of sugar. This product provides about 30 calories per serving. 

The USDA Certified Organic label guarantees this product is not genetically modified, not irradiated, and is free of artificial preservatives and colours.

Califia Barista Blend Almondmilk

Califia makes a range of delicious almond milk that comes in several flavours. The company was one of the first to switch over to organic almonds, and they also use GMO-free almonds, cage-free eggs, and free-range meat. 

The barista blend is an ultra-creamy blend of almond milk and cane sugar. It's perfect for espresso drinks, cappuccinos, and lattes and pairs nicely with sweet fruits like bananas and strawberries.

Milkadamia Latte Da Barista

The Latte Da Barista, from Milkadamia, is a delightful milk-based foam latte that adds a light and fluffy texture to the drink.

This classic milk foam latte version is made with soy-free milk and a special ingredient called "Jindilli," which provides a gentle mouthfeel, a sweet flavour, and a creamy mouthfeel. 

Unlike other dairy-free milk foams, this latte da barista is not lovely, so you don’t need to worry about adding more sugar.

Silk Barista Collection

Silk Barista Collection is the first vegan, non-dairy creamer specifically formulated for espresso and coffee. It is made from natural starches and proteins naturally emulsified in a blend of natural oils.

Silk Barista offers a light texture and a velvety foam for latte art and a glossy finish for a rich presentation. It works on any machine, hot or cold.

How to choose a non-dairy creamer: The buying guide

There are a few things to look for when buying a non-dairy creamer. A healthy creamer should be low in calories and sugar. It should also be free from artificial ingredients, flavourings, and preservatives.

  • It shouldn’t be just oil and water: The creamer creamers should contain whole grains, protein powder, and similar ingredients. Otherwise, it’s just thick oil, which isn’t good for you.
  • Check the ingredients list: A healthy creamer will have a shortlist of natural ingredients that are easy to understand. Watch for almond milk on the list since almond milk alone is not an excellent choice for your health or waistline.
  • Make sure the ingredients are vegan and limited to just soy, nuts, and no dairy.
  • Make sure the creamer is preservative and flavour-free.
  • Look for a dairy-free creamer that contains coconut oil. Coconut oil is used for vegan cooking, substitutes for dairy, and has many health benefits as part of a healthy diet.
  • Avoid preservatives, colourings, and hidden sugars in the ingredients list.
  • Keep an eye out for the amount of sugar in the creamer: A minimal amount is best, and you should check the ingredients list for sugar and other sweeteners. 
Also, make sure there is no added sugar (like cane sugar or corn syrup), artificial sweeteners, or other suspicious ingredients added to the creamer for extra sweetness.
  • Buy a branded non-dairy creamer: There are as many different non-dairy creamers on the market as non-dairy milk brands, and it can be unclear to pick the best one.
  • Watch out for fake milk products or milk substitutes that are not foods and that can cause an allergic reaction. Find out if you have a dairy allergy or sensitivity, and look for a certified product with “certified,” “non-dairy,” or a similar label.
  • If you are unsure, have a conversation with your doctor: Different people tolerate dairy differently, and some people have to be careful with dairy products. 
If you have questions about how much non-dairy creamer you can safely eat in a day or about whether a particular brand is safe for you, talk to your doctor.

Can you drink Creamer If you are lactose intolerant?

Yes, although you should consult with your doctor first. You can drink creamers if you are lactose intolerant.

Does Creamer have a lot of lactose?

The lactose count of creamer is quite low, with only 0.1 grams in one cup of cream.

Does International Delight creamer have lactose?

No, International Delight Coffee Creamer does not have lactose.

Is Coffee Mate French vanilla lactose-free?

No, Coffee Mate French vanilla is not lactose-free.

What do lactose intolerant people put in coffee?

Lactose intolerant people can use lactose-free creamer to add creamy texture and taste to their coffee. They also use soy milk.

Which is healthier coffee mate or International Delight?

Both creamer brands are healthy as they contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or flavors.

Is almond milk better than coffee creamer?

Both almond milk and creamers are good for health.

Is Nestle Coffee mate lactose-free?

Yes, Nestle Coffee mate is lactose-free.

Is Starbucks milk lactose free?

Starbucks milk is not lactose free. However, you can use lactose-free creamer in your coffee.

What’s a healthier alternative to coffee creamer?

If you have a particular health condition, such as lactose intolerance, you may be limited to certain types of coffee.

There is a healthier alternative to coffee creamer, which is soy milk or non-dairy creamers. In addition, you can use lactose-free ingredients in your coffee.
Fortunately, there are many healthy alternatives to coffee creamer on the market today.
You can choose from lactose-free soy milk and creamer varieties from many different brands.


It’s essential to choose the best non-dairy creamer for your needs. Healthy non-dairy creamers can help you lose weight and stay trim and fit.

Try one of these products on today's list, and see how much easier it is to make the switch from traditional dairy to a healthier vegan alternative. 


What is the difference between non-dairy creamer and dairy milk?

Non-dairy creamer is a creamy, low-calorie ingredient made from plant-based ingredients. Creamer is a type of milk thickened and fortified with nutritious ingredients, like vitamin D. Dairy milk is the liquid from cows’ milk, straight from the animal.

What is non-dairy creamer made of?

Non-dairy creamer is made from water, oil, starch, and natural proteins.

Is non-dairy creamer healthy?

Yes — non-dairy creamers are typically low in calories and sugar compared to other types of creamers and milk alternatives. But the healthiest creamer is the one that fits best into your diet plan.

Can I use a non-dairy creamer for espresso?

Yes, most non-dairy creams work just as well in espresso drinks as they do in your morning latte. But it’s best to keep the amount of sugar and other sweeteners to a minimum in espresso drinks.

Can I use non-dairy creamer in baking?

Yes. You can substitute non-dairy creamer for many whipped dairy products, like heavy cream.

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