All About Robusta Coffee Plant- Origin, Taste, & Best Robusta Coffees

Which coffee are you brewing this morning in your kitchen?

Is it Arabica, Robusta, or a combination of coffee beans? What are your favorite coffee bean brands? Have you tried any brands of Robusta coffee?

The two main varieties of coffee are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica coffee is smooth and fragrant.

It is the king of coffee, accounting for almost 70% of global production. Robusta coffee trees produce around 30% of the world’s coffee. 

Robusta beans provide a bitter coffee that contains approximately 50% more caffeine than Arabica beans. Robusta Bean is the backbone of commercial coffee.

Robusta beans are found mainly in Brazil, Vietnam, and Indonesia. It has its significant share of fans that appreciate its bitter bite. 

These coffee lovers love the flavor of Robusta coffee and prefer it over other varieties. That is because it has higher caffeine content. 

This article will discuss all about robusta coffee plant, Where does robusta coffee come from?What does robusta coffee taste like? and the best Robusta coffees.

All about robusta coffee plant

Before we learn all about robusta coffee plant, & Where does robusta coffee come from, let us find out:

What is robusta coffee beans?

What is arabica & the difference between Arabica and Robusta? The main difference is the body. Robusta coffee has much more caffeine than Arabica coffee and is less acidic in taste. The two varieties also differ in their aroma profiles.

Arabica has a light floral scent, while the Robusta beans have a mild chocolatey smell. In addition, Arabica beans tend to be cheaper than Robusta.

But Where does robusta coffee come from? It takes around three months for the coffee plant to bear fruit, and it starts with a small white flower (called “blossom end” or “cupping end”) that is removed from the coffee cherry. 

They are then re-planted into new branches and develop into green coffee beans after 5–7 weeks. The Robusta bean is red and is almost ready for harvest after only two months.

Robusta Coffee Plant

Here’s all about robusta coffee plant- The Robusta coffee plant has a reddish-brown color. Unlike Arabica beans grown on trees, Robusta coffee is grown in large bushes. The bush is typically planted at least 15 years before harvesting.

Robusta coffee is typically sold as green beans or as unroasted whole berries. Roasting Robusta coffee helps change the beans' chemical properties and bring out its "mouth feel" and "body." 

Robusta coffee is used in all types of coffee-based beverages, including espresso. When processed, it can be blended with Arabica beans to produce a dark roast. Robusta roasted coffee is not bitter and has lower acidity than Arabica coffee. 

It is blended with Arabica beans to produce lighter roast or steamed or filtered to create espresso beverages.

Now you know all about robusta coffee plant, let’s talk about Where does robusta coffee come from.

Where does robusta coffee come from?

Robusta beans’ adaptability to varied soil types, climates, and altitudes is one of their best qualities. Unlike Arabica coffee, Robusta is grown in a variety of nations.

But Where does robusta coffee come from? It is produced in many places of the planet, including the upper altitudes of Central and South America, surrounding the equator. 

Unlike Arabica coffee plants, Robusta coffee plants can also thrive at lower temperatures, making them easier to grow in many areas worldwide.

It is produced in several countries, including Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Brazil, and Colombia. However, most coffee beans are grown in America, specifically Central and South America. 

Here’s what you should know about Where does robusta coffee come from

The majority of robusta coffee beans are grown in the countries listed below.

  • Brazil: For many years, Brazil has been the world’s most significant producer of coffee.
  • Vietnam: Vietnam produces a diverse range of coffee beans, including high-quality robusta beans.
  • Indonesia: More robusta coffee is produced in Indonesia than arabica beans! Because of its high altitude and hot environment, this is the case.
  • India: India, the world’s third-largest producer of robusta coffee, is another robusta coffee exporter. Most of it is sold as instant coffee and is used as a filler for other blends. However, in India, a few small-scale specialized robusta coffee plantations create a high-quality product!

Using Robusta Beans

Because of their nature, robusta beans are frequently utilized alongside their milder siblings in blends for both instant and filter coffees.

What are robusta beans used for?

The coffee is more commonly used in blends than single-origin due to its more bitter and pungent flavour than Arabica beans. 

Arabica coffee has a floral aroma and flavour, whereas Robusta has an earthy, almost woody flavour. Robusta beans are not as popular as Arabica coffee, but they are gaining ground among their rivals for various reasons. 

One of the reasons is their higher caffeine content. Robusta coffee beans have around twice as much caffeine as Arabica coffee beans.

Robusta coffee beans are typically blended with Arabica beans in coffee mixes to compensate for the lower caffeine content. 

Therefore, you should pay close attention to the ratio of Arabica and Robusta beans in your coffee.

Benefits Of Robusta Coffee

Because Robusta beans are low in moisture, brewing is accessible for both coffee lovers and non-coffee drinkers. 

You can brew this type of coffee using your standard drip method. The low caffeine content also makes it a good choice for tea drinkers.

Just be careful, though! If you drink too much caffeine, it can cause insomnia, nervousness, or heart palpitations. 

All about robusta coffee benefits- Benefits of robusta coffee are numerous, making us want to enjoy this type of coffee more than Arabica beans.
  • It provides a rich, full-bodied flavour with lower acidity than Arabica coffee.
  • It is more robust, with a deeper body and bold flavours.
  • It takes longer to brew, so you have time to savour the flavours of your coffee without rushing to get it done fast.
  • It is less expensive than Arabica beans, making it an economical choice for many people.
  • It is more tolerant to adverse weather conditions, such as droughts and frost.
  • It produces a higher yield than arabica beans, which means that it is a good choice for farmers and growers.
  • It pairs well with chocolate, so it’s great for those who love mochas and cappuccinos.

We have learnt all about robusta coffee plant & Where does robusta coffee come from. Now, let us take a look at the best Robusta coffee brands.

Best Robusta Coffees

Biohazard Ground Coffee – The World’s Strongest Coffee 

The Biohazard Coffee Grounds are the strongest, darkest, and most intense roast you can find, and they have the power to transform your daily routine.

We don’t know about you, but we’re always looking for a coffee that wakes us up. 

So whether you need a pick-me-up before an important meeting or you’re just getting off of a long flight, you’ll be able to take Biohazard with you anywhere.

It's also great for those who like to stay up all night studying and have a cup of coffee at the same time.


Here’s all about robusta coffee Biohazard features

  • 100% organic Robusta coffee grounds.
  • Has over 100mg of caffeine per serving.
  • Heavy, dark roast for optimum flavour.
  • 3.5 oz variety packs are perfect for the office or classroom, or keep it all to yourself.
  • No calories or carbs whatsoever (thanks to the magic of coffee).
  • All-natural product with no artificial ingredients.

Cannonball Coffee – Maximum Charge, Strong Whole Bean Coffee 

If you’re looking for a great-tasting, highly caffeinated coffee, look no further than Cannonball Coffee. The company is headquartered in the UK, where it uses only high-quality, single-origin beans from Rwanda sourced from sustainable farms. 

Their coffee is roasted in small batches and hand-brewed in the US using a single-serve filter that produces a perfectly smooth, rich brew. 

The company offers three varieties: their Original, with a medium-dark roast; their Strong, which is not as dark as the original; and very dark Dark. Cannonball Coffee is a solid coffee compared to other brands on the market.


All about robusta coffee Cannonball features

  • Premium whole bean coffee is certified USDA organic.
  • 100% arabica beans are enriched with nitrogen to increase shelf life.
  • Specialty roast profile provides a balanced cup with bold flavour.
  • Most caffeine for the average Joe, one cup of coffee is enough for an entire day’s work!
  • Best tasting robusta coffee available on the market – try it once, and you won’t return!

Bach Vietnamese Coffee, Whole Bean (Robusta) 

Bach’s “Vietnamese Coffee” is the highest quality and best tasting Vietnamese coffee you’ll find. Bach’s “Vietnamese Coffee” will quickly become your favourite coffee with its sweet, slightly acidic flavour and smooth, creamy mouthfeel. 

The aroma of this coffee is full of natural sweetness and cocoa with a touch of spice and citrus. Enjoy it with your friends, family, or in your home or office to bring out the authentic flavour of this aromatic coffee. 


All about robusta coffee Bach Vietnamese characteristics:

  • Vietnamese grade A high-altitude Robusta beans.
  • 100% ripe whole bean coffee.
  • Smooth, low-acid chocolate notes.
  • Perfect for drip coffee, press, and espresso. 

Death Wish Organic Whole Bean Coffee 

Death Wish Coffee, a specialty coffee company based in New York, has created a revolutionary new coffee that tastes great and is organic, fair trade, and certified USDA organic. 

The Death Wish Coffee whole bean coffee is available in two varieties: Original and Roasted. Death Wish Coffee's Original Whole Bean Coffee is available in single-serve bags in three flavours: Cherry Vanilla, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Espresso. 

Death Wish Coffee’s Roasted Whole Bean Coffee is available in single-serve bags in four different flavours: Espresso, Coffee, French Roast, and Mocha.


  • Fair Trade and USDA Certified Organic coffee beans.
  • 100% Arabica coffee beans with a natural caffeine boost.
  • No additives, no chemicals, no pesticides.
  • Deliciously smooth taste and palette of flavours.
  • Full taste on the first sip makes you want more of Death Wish Coffee.

Trung Nguyen – Premium Blend

Trung Nguyen – Premium Blend coffee beans, a specialty coffee from Vietnam, were awarded “Best Coffee in the World” at the 2016 World Barista Championship. 

The award-winning Trung Nguyen coffee beans are unique in that they are grown in high-altitude regions, bringing them closer to the tropics than other coffee regions. 

This unique flavour profile has been praised by coffee enthusiasts worldwide and is now available in the United States. The Trung Nguyen coffee beans are also known for their high quality, robust flavour, and intense aroma.


All about robusta coffee Trung Nguyen – Premium Blend features:

  • Robusta 47% | Arabica 53%
  • Fairly Traded
  • 100% Kosher Certified for Passover, Kosher for Pesach
  • Premium Beans
  • Coffee Roasting is done in the US with the highest standards of hygiene

Best Robusta Coffee Brands

Some of the best-known Robusta coffee brands are listed below. Customers can choose the best-suited coffee beans for their taste and preferences.

Death Wish Coffee Co.

 In most velvet-like coffee blends, an Arabica coffee bean is at the heart of the velvety flavour. What sets Death Wish Coffee apart from the competition, and what makes it one of the top robusta coffee brands, is that it has a surprisingly smooth taste for a robusta blend. 

The distinctive and uniquely bold robusta flavour is another quality that this prominent robusta coffee brand shares with others on the list. 

And, when it comes to having a proper Robusta mix, you can rest assured that Death Wish Coffee contains a high proportion of robusta beans.

According to fans, each cup of Death Wish is said to include chocolate and cherry undertones. It is dark and bold, with a smoky scent and flavour. 

But, what is especially notable about this brand of coffee is that it has such a high caffeine content that more than one cup will be enough to keep you awake all day long.

Bach Coffee

Those who prefer their coffee robust and good robusta coffee brands are hard to beat. Bach Coffee is not only one of the best robusta coffee brands available, but it also has the distinct advantage of having a low acidity level.

One of the other connotations with robusta coffees is that they tend to be more acidic. These coffee beans are not only 100 percent robusta, but they are also grown at a high altitude, resulting in a less acidic coffee bean crop. 

Bach Coffee is also one of the smoother robusta coffee blends available, with chocolate tones and, of course, a less acidic finish, according to customers. 

This famous robusta coffee brand is also known to have a rich flavour, making it a fantastic choice for your morning cup or with your evening meal.


According to customer reviews, Biohazard Coffee is one of the greatest strong coffee brands available. Although robusta coffee blends are notorious for having higher caffeine levels than other coffee blends, Biohazard might be a very different animal.

True to its name, Biohazard is one of the most robust robusta coffees available, and it is unmistakably 100% robusta. 

Regular Bioahazard coffee consumers describe prominent and delicious cherry notes with every sip, in addition to that strong (no pun intended) cup.

Do you have a big day planned? Do you need a boost to get you through the rest of the day? Biohazard will not only provide you with a robust, sharp coffee flavour with recognizable cherry kisses, but it will also give you the boost you need. However, remember that this is a Biohazard situation, so proceed with caution.


This famous robusta coffee brand claims to have military roots, which is hardly surprising given its name. According to the narrative, Cannonball Coffee was developed to assist soldiers and women in remaining alert and focused throughout deployments and activities overseas. Cannonball is also one of the most caffeinated coffees available, which is no surprise.

This robusta coffee is solid and flavorful, beneficial to military troops and civilians. Cannonball Coffee enthusiasts say this robusta mix has rich chocolate and malt aromas and sweet caramel undertones. 

Unfortunately, Death Wish and Biohazard have a greater caffeine level than Cannonball. So, if you’re looking for a bitter coffee that also happens to have a severe good flavour, give Cannonball Coffee a shot.

Café Rogusta

Café Rogusta, another of the top robusta coffee brands, is named after the Hacienda Rogusta farm, not for its comical resemblance to Robusta. 

The Café Rogusta robusta coffee beans are cultivated there (try saying that three times fast). And it was there that the Café Rogusta coffee product was created, thanks to a unique technique.

That procedure begins with patience, such as allowing its 100 percent robusta beans to breathe for a few minutes.

Before that, the skilled coffee roasters must first master the roasting of the robusta beans to the Café Rogusta standard of "red honey." 

Before that, the robusta coffee beans must be picked and carefully selected. Finally, after all of that time, Café Rogusta Coffee, one of the top robusta coffee brands on the market.

ESE Caffe Borbone

According to reports, Caffee Borbone ESE is one of the best robusta coffee brands and the top-selling coffee pod in Italy.

That's also what Caffee Borbone ESE's "ESE" stands for (Easy Serve Espresso). This coffee has a tinge of Arabica and is a fantastic robusta coffee for coffee pod machines.

As a result, this is an excellent choice for individuals who use coffee pod machines who prefer a robusta coffee with a hint of the smoothness afforded by Arabica beans.

Caffe Borbone customers will receive a robusta coffee with high content and a rich, robust flavour.

Trung Nguyen 

Trung Nguyen Coffee is another excellent Robusta coffee brand similar to Bach Coffee. Like Bach, Trung Nguyen Coffee comes from Vietnam’s coffee bean farms.

These carefully selected coffee beans are then placed in the hands of skilled Trung Nguyen roasters, who turn them into Trung Nguyen Coffee. 

People often think of Colombia, Peru, or Brazil when they think about plentiful coffee harvests worldwide. However, many people are unaware that Vietnam is one of the world’s top coffee exporters.

Our next stop is either our kitchen table for breakfast or our bedside table for an evening cup of coffee? And another cup of Trung Nguyen Coffee, one of the top robusta coffee brands.

Robusta Beans Buying Guide

There are various varieties of Robusta coffee on the market, each capable of meeting clients with varying needs. 

Coffee's different properties exhibit distinct tastes, scents, and subtleties that people who are not coffee experts can detect. Taste, aroma, and price are all important considerations, but they are not the only ones.

The Coffee Beans Collection

The preferred coffee beans for use in Robusta coffee are Arabica Cope. These beans are selectively picked from top-quality coffee beans grown in the volcanic soil of Mount Baratang.

When these coffee beans are mature, they are picked regularly to prevent the beans from dying due to overripe. Robusta Coffee are also "cheaper" coffee than Arabica Coffee. 

One argument against the use of Robusta Coffee for making espresso is that it does not have enough caffeine to produce a clear-headed drink without any side effects. 

The Drying Procedure

The drying operation can be done either dry or wet following the gathering phase. In general, hand-harvesting (picking technique) is followed by wet processing, which involves immersing the beans in enormous water tanks and sorting them based on how they float. 

The damp processing will produce a better beverage, but you will also have to wait longer for the beans to dry. The major drawback of the wet process is the high labour cost, given that it can cost $50 per kilogram.

There are three basic types of robusta coffee processing: Wet Mill, Dry Mill, and Wash Coffee Roasting. Wet Method Robustas are usually picked in the morning and immediately submerged in water to prevent premature ripening. 

Then, they are carried to shore on fibre rafts, where the coffee is dried in the sun.

Dry Method Robusta Coffee uses a method of drying on raised platforms. During drying, moisture is reduced directly through ventilation or indirectly through wind or hot air.

Wash Coffee Roasting Method involves first harvesting the coffee beans and taking them to washing stations on plantations using water flows. 

Soaking is usually done for about 2 hours until the skin peels easily from the bean. After that, coffee beans are dried in the sun to reduce moisture.

The Coffee Seeds Are Roasted

Roasting is a delicate and complicated procedure never performed in the country of origin. After the first favorable period of maturation of the roasted bean, a quick process of fragrance loss occurs, and the coffee becomes especially susceptible to moisture and absorption of external odors. 

Therefore, the coffee beans are first roasted at shallow temperatures for a few hours, then roasted again at higher temperatures, which hastens the maturation of the bean. 

Finally, the coffee beans are roasted at very low temperatures to open the oil glands. At this point, the flavor of coffee is quickly released.

Now, let us find out What does robusta coffee taste like?

The Taste

Good-quality Arabica coffee has a distinctive aromatic flavor. But What does robusta coffee taste like?  Robusta Coffee is also aromatic but with bitter differences. The taste of Robusta Coffee is somewhat more “bitter” than Arabica Coffee’s. 

The quality of robusta coffee was considered lower than that of Arabica because it had a bitter taste and a certain degree of thickness.

Some coffee drinkers particularly appreciated robusta coffee for its less bitter taste and greater intensity, which provided a feeling of more energy and vigor. 

However, the quality of robusta coffee has improved over time, making it even more favorable than Arabica coffee. More and more buyers prefer Robusta Coffee because of its more potent flavoring. 

The Caffeine Content

Robusta Coffee beans contain 8-12% more caffeine than Arabica. This is because of the production method of robusta beans, which involves a compression process from the top down from above the ground, starting from the last coffee plant buds on a plant. 

However, Robusta Coffee contains more caffeine than Coffea arabica coffee beans because it makes espresso coffee and filtered coffees.

The Brands

The three largest Robusta coffee companies are Trung Nguyen, Volcanica Coffee, and WILD JO. These companies have controlled the Robusta Coffee market for more than 20 years.

At first, Vietnam was the country with the most robusta coffee, but countries including Indonesia, Brazil, India, and East Africa have also become significant exporters of strong robusta coffee. 

The Roasting

The roasting process of robusta coffee is similar to the roasting of Arabica. It starts with roasting on hot air, then roasting on hot air at a moderate temperature. 

After the roasted beans are washed with cool water and dried, they finally reach the final step of roasting at shallow temperatures for a short period to preserve their color and aromatic flavor. 

Conclusion on all about robusta coffee:

In conclusion, on all about robusta coffee: Robusta coffee remains a viable option for millions of coffee drinkers who prefer this variety of coffee. But What does robusta coffee taste like? It has a better taste and aroma compared to Arabica. 

In addition, it has a more robust flavor that many drinkers find more satisfying. So try to enjoy a different cup of Joe from what you usually taste! 

I hope this article helped you in finding Where does robusta coffee come from!. Enjoy your coffee and good day!”


What Is The Distinction Between Arabica Coffee And Robusta Coffee?

Arabica Coffee Bean: Arabica coffee has a smoother, sweeter taste with chocolate and sugar undertones. They frequently have fruity or berry undertones.

Robusta Coffee Bean: Robusta has a bolder, harsher, and more bitter flavour, as well as gritty or rubbery undertones.

What Are The Characteristics Of Robusta Coffee?

Robusta coffee has a bitter taste that ranges from neutral to painful. However, arabica likes the flavour of Robusta in terms of purity and natural aroma. As a reason, the price of Robusta is frequently lower than that of Arabica.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Robusta Coffee?

The benefits of Robusta coffee include:

  • Greater energy.
  • Improved mental health and well-being.
  • The presence of antioxidants makes it beneficial to skin and hair.
  • It acts as a diuretic and can be used to relieve nausea. It is a high-caffeine, creamy, slightly bitter coffee high in nutrients.

What Does Robusta Coffee Taste Like?

Here’s What does robusta coffee taste like- Robusta coffee has an earthy flavor, often described as harsh, rubbery/grainy, and a peanutty aftertaste.

What is special about Robusta coffee?

Robusta coffee is a variety of coffee that is used for making espresso. It is known for the high level of caffeine and the bitter taste it has.

How long does Robusta coffee take to grow?

It takes 11 months to grow Robusta coffee. Robusta Coffee Beans are used to make all sorts of coffee drinks. Espresso, French press, drip, and espresso with sugar is the most common way to use Robusta beans. Some people like the taste of strong coffee while some find it difficult to drink because of its bitterness. A research study shows that weakly acidic robusta beans are much less bitter than the other robusta beans because of their low acidity levels.

Which is better Robusta or Arabica?

Although pure Arabica is more expensive than Robusta, Arabica also contains less caffeine. Different blends of coffee beans were developed to enhance the flavor and aroma of each bean.
In general, Robusta is considered to be a better choice than Arabica because of its lower price (for the same quality). Although they have different chemical compounds, they give a similar taste.

Which countries drink Robusta?

Robusta coffee is a type of coffee that is mainly sold in countries including Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia. It’s also used in the United States and other countries.

What Is The Difference Between Solid And Mild Robusta Coffee?

The difference between solid and mild robusta coffee is the roasting level, low and high, respectively. Usually, strong robusta beans are roasted with darker colours and a slightly burnt aroma and taste.

At the same time, the milder robusta beans are low in caffeine and have a lighter body than stronger ones.

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