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What is the difference between the Aeropress and French Press? Is one better than the other for you and your needs? The answer is both yes, and no. 

Here we will find out the difference between aeropress and french press brewing methods, explain what makes each of them unique and pleasant to use, their advantages and disadvantages according to personal preference, their place on a spectrum of coffee brewing methods, provide some recommendations for those who are not familiar with either method yet or looking for a recommendation from an expert in either method. 

Let’s get started!

What is the Aeropress?

The Aeropress coffee maker is a manual brewing method for coffee, similar to the French Press. It can be used with various methods for making coffee, including espresso, cold brew, iced coffee and many other brewing methods. 

What is the point of an Aeropress?

The Aeropress is most often used with filtration methods such as paper or metal filters. On the same subject : Keurig K150 VS Keurig K155 – The Winner Is... However, it can also be used with special filters that make use of wood pulp or cloth.

The Aeropress is a high-pressure brewer. It also has a steep time (the amount of time that the brewed coffee grounds contact water) of only 20-30 seconds, which compliments the high temperature of brewing. The temperature range for which the Aeropress can be used is 176-208 Degrees Fahrenheit.

You can learn more about Aeropress in our All About Aeropress Brewing Guide.

How To Make Coffee In An Aeropress?

Put the coffee grounds (1 heaping scoop of coffee per 4 ounces of water) in a filter, and then place the filter into the brewing chamber. Read also : Breville BES990BSS Oracle Touch Fully Automatic Espresso Machine Review.

Pour the hot water gently over the grounds. Wait about 20-30 seconds for the coffee to drip slowly into your cup or carafe below.

Aeropress can’t make an authentic espresso, but can certainly come very close. I have also wondered How to make espresso with Aeropress and how close it comes to real espresso.

Advantages of Aeropress

The Aeropress produces higher pressure than a French press, so the resulting coffee is comparable to an espresso produced with a machine.

Does AeroPress make better coffee?
  • The device is extremely portable and can be transported almost anyplace. To see also : Cuisinart SS 15 Review – Should It Be In Your Home In 2020.
  • Brewing with an Aeropress takes less time than brewing with a French press and can be completed in as little as one minute and 30 seconds.
  • There is no grit, which is typical of French press coffee.
  • Aeropress coffee has a more mellow flavour, although it is still powerful.
  • It’s a little less difficult to clean than a French press.

What Is The French Press?

The French press is a coffee brewing method that has been around since the 17th century, long before espresso and coffee machines.

Similar to many other methods of brewing, the French press uses a filter to separate out the oils and grounds to make your cup of joe. 

What does a French press actually do?

The basic method consists of placing ground coffee into a ceramic or glass container. A filter makes contact with the ground coffee by way of a plunger which forces the grounds through ceramic or glass walls towards the bottom of your cup. The filter serves to separate the grounds from the oils and aromas of the coffee bean.

The French press is slower than its cousin, the Aeropress. However, since it does not have as high pressure, some people perceive it as having a more full-bodied flavour profile. 

French Press has a steep time that can be anywhere from 6-20 minutes, depending on your preference for strength and texture in your coffee. 

The French Press has an area of steepness that is only .5″ to 1.5″ and a total time between 1-4 minutes for the amount of time the grounds are in contact with the water.

How To Make Espresso In A French Press?

Place a puck of ground coffee lined up in the bottom of a French Press. Pour water into the French Press that is hot enough to bloom your ground coffee.

When it begins to brew, place the plunger into the holding tube, then push down for about 10 seconds. 

The grounds should exit with little resistance after this. For every 8 ounces of water, you will use 1-2 tablespoons or 6 grams of coffee (per 8oz). 

For more detailed instruction read on how to use a french press with pre ground coffee.

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Advantages Of A French Press

  • It’s really cost-effective and inexpensive.
  • A French press may be used to prepare a variety of coffee drinks.
  • It looks nice sitting out on a counter.
  • This is a great technique to create flavorful coffee in a matter of minutes.
  • Paper filters are not required.
  • A French press can prepare coffee for a large group. However, an Aeropress can only create one serving at a time.

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Aeropress Vs. French Press: The Differences

We pitted the French press against AeroPress to help you decide which is the ideal brewing device. Let us compare some of their most crucial characteristics.

aeropress vs french press- Design And Durability

The Aeropress and the French press have a simple design with few parts. Because of their simplicity, both of these brewers are simple to clean, use, and maintain.

On the other hand, the Aeropress has a plastic and metal casing, while the French press has a glass or ceramic heating element. 

These brewers have rubber parts in between the ingredients and your cup that make for smooth pouring. The French press is also generally made of higher quality material than its cousin.

French presses are available in sizes ranging from 8 oz to 48 oz, and even the bigger versions can be used to brew smaller amounts of coffee. 

The Aeropress is only available in one size: 8 ounces. It’s small, but it contributes to the charm that I’ll show you in a moment. Both the Aeropress and the French press are durable for their size. 

I’ve had my Aeropress for over a year now, and it still looks quite nice, despite being used quite often. The French press is also made to withstand years of use.

aeropress vs french press- Ease Of Use

The French press requires much fewer steps from start to finish, and the brewer consists of only two parts: the beaker and the plunger. It does, however, take some trial and error to create a decent cup of coffee. 

Once you've mastered the AeroPress, it's easy to make consistently delicious coffee. It also has to be the easiest coffee brewer to clean. 

However, if you’re using AeroPress for the first time, you should read the directions. They’re easy to follow, and if you happen to mess up, the instructions will show you what to do. 

aeropress vs french press- Brewing

The French press brews your coffee over a longer period than it does for the Aeropress. This is why the French press has a more robust flavour; however, the Aeropress gives you a more full-bodied cup of coffee. 

This makes the AeroPress better to use if you’re looking for something to drink when you want something with full flavour and low caffeine. 

The French press gives you the opposite of that. It has less flavour, but more caffeine than the AeroPress does.

french press vs aeropress- Coffee Flavour And Quality

The Aeropress and French press can produce excellent coffee that is rich, balanced, and deeply enjoyable. However, you should be aware of some subtle changes in flavour.

To begin with, the metal filter of the french press makes coffee with a rich body and flavour. The mesh filter does not hold natural oils and microscopic coffee grounds, creating a sense of weight and fullness and enhancing flavour. 

These two factors limit specific flavour clarity while producing a more robust, well-rounded flavour. Because french press recipes are very consistent (coarse grind, 4 minutes), you can be certain that your coffee will be rich, balanced, and rounded every time.

Paper filters are always included with the Aeropress. These filters make coffee sharper, brighter, and cleaner than a french press filter. 

Unfortunately, the natural oils and micro-ground, which give out a lot of taste, aren’t allowed to make it into the final mug. 

Many people like this cleaner, lighter cup, but stainless steel Aeropress filters are also available if you prefer a richer, fuller mug. 

Aeropress brewing recipes are incredibly adjustable, so there’s a lot of potential for experimentation while still obtaining great coffee.

french press vs aeropress- Versatility

When it comes to adaptability, both brewers have benefits. French press brewers produce excellent hot coffee, but only in one method. They are, nevertheless, excellent carafes for preparing cold brew coffee or pour-over coffee.

On the other hand, the Aeropress can produce hot coffee in a variety of ways. You can brew strong and bold coffee, light and crisp, or even coffee that is extremely near to espresso. The Aeropress can also brew iced coffee. 

You’ll be able to make cold brew in about 20 seconds, which is faster than you can steep a french press. You’ll also be able to make cold brew coffee from any variety of ground coffee, from expensive and rare Sierra mountain blends to everyday supermarket blends.

difference between aeropress and french press- Cost

French presses are less expensive than Aeropress brewers because they’re made from a simpler, cheaper material: glass or plastic. The Aeropress, however, does what it does extremely well, and it’s usually more costly.

difference between aeropress and french press-Travel-Friendliness

Both the Aeropress and French press are very portable. Their sizes make them easy to fit in cupholders and car cup holders, and they’re lightweight enough that carrying them isn’t a problem. 

The Aeropress is also available in a travel size that results in almost no waste for travel, making it ideal for travellers who brew coffee as an everyday habit but don't want to carry around a large container of coffee on their journey.

difference between aeropress and french press- Clean Up

The French press and the Aeropress are so easy to clean that you’ll never waste any time. Each brewer has its own cleaning method described in the owner’s manual. Furthermore, both brewers are dishwasher-safe, so you can make life even easier for yourself by just throwing them in!

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French Press Vs. AeroPress: Which Is Best For You?

Is there anything better than Aeropress?

The debate between the French press vs. AeroPress has been raging for years. Both devices produce excellent coffee and are convenient in many ways. In the end, though, there’s only one way to decide which is better. 

You need to evaluate your preferences; you have to look at the advantages of each device separately and then compare them head-on. What is your focus on coffee? If you like straight-up coffee, the Aeropress is probably the way to go. 

If you want to make half espresso and half brew coffee, then the French press will suit you better. 

If you’re looking for an extremely specific flavour profile, go with the French press. It allows you to create complex blends that can be nice if served without milk (e.g., mocha) but also offers a more robust taste if made with milk (e.g., vanilla latte). 

If you want to enjoy the multidimensional taste of the coffee, the French press is the right answer for you.

Aeropress Vs French Press Summary

Both the French press vs. AeroPress are versatile, portable brewers that can be used in many situations. You have to ask yourself what you really want out of your coffee to choose between them. If a French press is what you’re looking for, then the Aeropress may not be for you. 

If AeroPress is what you’re looking for, then the French press may not be for you. If you want to enjoy the full delicious flavour of your coffee, the Aeropress probably won’t make the grade. 

If you want to enjoy the complexity of your coffee and all its delicious flavours, the French press will be right up your alley.

So, which is the best French press or AeroPress? You decide!

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